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Format: CD + DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 167 CD
Release Year: 2009
Note: NEW recordings by the UK ambient pioneers marking their 25th anniversary; "five tracks of post-industrial, fourth worldish, dirty ambience"; PLUS a DVD of live recordings and rare footage through their history, and a complete alternate mix of the album
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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"O Yuki Conjugate: 25 Years of Willful Obscurity Soleilmoon Recordings announce the release of OYC25, a CD & DVD celebrating a quarter century of UK ambient pioneers O Yuki Conjugate.
In October 1982 the youthful O Yuki Conjugate played their first gig at the now-defunct Newshouse pub in Nottingham, England to seven
people and a dog. Three incarnations, seven albums and 25 years later all members past and present got together in a West London studio to
record an album in an afternoon as a way of marking this unlikely anniversary. The result- lovingly remixed by producer Rob Jenkins- is OYC25, five tracks of post-industrial, fourth world-ish, dirty ambience.
OYC25 finds the band in fine form, with an abundance of dub-like bass, micro processed rhythms and plangent pads. The package includes a full length DVD of live recordings and rare footage that offer a unique insight into the bands history, together with a complete alternate mix of the album. The whole thing comes in a gatefold sleeve beautifully designed by Fitzroy&Finn and includes a specially
commissioned essay on the band by Dr Philip Shaw, Senior Lecturer in English at Leicester University.
NOTE: The DVD is a region-free double-sided disc with NTSC on one side and PAL on the other. It is fully compatible with all DVD players worldwide. Find O Yuki Conjugate on the web at www.oyukiconjugate.com." [label info]


"A while ago I had to move everything from one side to the room to the other to put a new floor in. Then then everything back. The first thing I did was re-connect the CD player and when I more or less blindly took the first CD from a pile, which I thought would be nice to play when dragging around piles of CDs and it turns out to be 'Sunchemical', a CDEP by O Yuki Conjugate. I liked it so much that I had it on repeat for a while that afternoon and even stuck it to my ipod. I am hardly surprised that this band exists twenty-five years when recording 'OYC25' in 2007 (I presume), as I already seen a note about a box set of works from the past. O Yuki Conjugate's releases over those years have not been many but they had truly a great sound of their own. An excellent combination of ambient music along the lines of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell, ethnic music percussion, a bit of industrial music and later on techno/house. The members were all active in various other bands such as A Small Good
Thing and Sons Of Silence, and still get together every now and then to record. For this recording all members from the past and the present came together to record an album during an afternoon. This album was then mixed by Rob Jenkins into a very fine piece of music. The improvised nature of the music is all gone and replaced by a great mixture of slow percussive moods, ambient tapestries of synthesizer sounds, flutes and flowing guitars, feeding through a bunch of sound effects, and a bit of weirdness to prevent it from becoming a new age cliche. O Yuki Conjugate are still, after twenty-five years, masters of the genre. And as a bonus (?) there is also a DVD inside this package with archive material. We see O Yuki Conjugate on tour in 1993-1994 (like a home video tourist movie actually with excerpts from concerts and interviews), a great concert from 2007 of OYC as a trio and a video about the recording of the 'OYC25' album, which looks great too. An alternative mix really, and a
fine interaction. In the extra (extra bonus?) section more live stuff, but then from 1982 (without film of course), a strange short comic like thing plus another alternative mix of 'OYC25' - which of course is a bit much if you first heard the CD, then saw the live recording of it, but just one day you might grab this and want to check it out - just like any good bonus on a DVD, I guess. A project loaded with just great music, and some funny background images. Just the sort of way a jubilee should be done." [FdW, Vital Weekly]