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MINAMATA - Niigata 2002

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zone de Confusion Z.D.C.02
Release Year: 2007
Note: re-issue of the third MC from 1986 (Les Nouvelles Propagandes) of this legendary French Industrial group, incl. rare compilation track and one long previously unpublished track; metal percussion, analog synth noise, distorted electronic sounds & vocals, like a raw mixture of archaic NEUBAUTEN and GENOCIDE ORGAN !!
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"Reissue of the third tape of this legendary French group, originally recorded in 1985 and released on the cult French label LES NOUVELLES PROPAGANDES as N.P.002 in 1986. Two tracks coming from compilations recorded at the same period "Wo sind Sie ?" und "Nacht und Nchte", plus one unreleased 17 minute-track recorded in 2002 were added to these 40 mns. Pure old-school industrial and hardcore electronics with lots of metal sounds & percussions and echoed screamings. This is truely the sound of agaony Housed in nicely designed digipack. 9 tracks/Total length : 6936. Release date: April 2007." [label info]