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VOICE OF EYE - Primaera

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm 62
Release Year: 2010
Note: PRIMAERA is a 18 min. one-tracker especially recorded for this series and belongs to the last releases during the second active phase of the US duo => echo wind instruments, soothing dark drones, little alien sounds everywhere, evolving slowly into something more rough, noisy and completely otherworldy! - this is the true hand-played experimental "psychedelic ambience", transporting you to unknown places beyond knowledge.. BACK IN STOCK, now a new non-jewel-case ed.
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More Info

"founded in the late 80's on the ashes of esoterica landscapes 7, voice of eye is the duo of bonnie mcnairn and jim wilson. they released several discs during the first part of the 90's on their own cyclotron industries, a 7" on drone records, a live lp on anomalous records as well as collaborations with another ethno/experimental/ambient band life garden, all of them documenting their fascinating and captivating atmospheres mostly made from self-built instruments, creating a unique sound.
after a 12-years hiatus, voice of eye was back in 2007 for a us & europe tour together with ure thrall, unleashing two new self-produced discs (recently re-released by old europa cafe) proving the magic wasn't gone. this 18min track, especially recorded for talem in 2008 confirms bonnie & jim haven't lost the touch!" [label info]


"Primaera; the first creation. Follow the journey of sound from its inception in silence as it enters the fertile soil of your mind and evolves through the yearning to know its purpose and fulfill its destiny only to expire back into silence. Recorded in the coastal redwood forests of northern California, Primaera is one 18 minute track released on CDr by French label Taalem. Full color disc artwork by delphine ancelle-b. January 2010." [Voice of Eye]

"Voice Of Eye is also a duo, but then from Houston and after a hiatus of several years, they seem to be fully back on track. This one is from last year and shows Voice Of Eye in a somewhat improvised mood, I think. All the machines they have at their disposal are set to play something, guitars are plugged in, microphones are open and here we go. A bit more experimental than y'r average drone release I'd say, but in its rawness I'd say this is a great piece. The edges are rough, like that howl of feedback towards the end of 'Primaera'. Great psychedelic mood music." [FdW, Vital Weekly]