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ZELIENOPLE - Give it up

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Type Records TYPE054
Release Year: 2009
Note: second album for the Chicago-based trio for TYPE, experimental post-rockish ambience, haunting & dreamlike
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"Der weite Weg zum Popsong: das Chicagoer Trio zwischen Doom und Ambient:
Das Trio Zelienople gehrt zu den festen Gren der Underground-Szene Chicagos. Der Perkussionist Mike Weis spielt regelmig mit der Alternative-Folk-Legende Scott Tuma, zusammen mit dem Zelienople-Gitarristen und -Snger Matt Christensen bilden sie die Band Good Stuff House. Doch trotz aller Nebenprojekte liegt das Hauptaugenmerk auf Zelienople, die mit dem Multiinstrumentalisten Brian Harding komplettiert werden. Mit "Give It Up" entstand das bis dato ausgereifteste Werk des Trios. Die Band bewegt sich weg von frheren Vergleichen mit Talk Talk, Slowdive und Bark Psychosis und entwickelt einen
wagemutigen, frischen Sound. "Give It Up" ist zudem "poppiger" als der Vorgnger "His/Hers", ist eine Sammlung sich langsam wlzender Songs. Von dem an Bohren und der Club Of Gore erinnernden Opener "Aging" ber den Americana-Doom von "All I Want Is Calm" bis zum diesigen Ambient von "Water Saw" reicht
die Klangpalette. Und das perkussive und traumhafte "I Can Put All My Faith In Her" kommt dem Popgedanken des Trios am nchsten. Musik fr den Abend am Kamin." [label info]

"Another fantastic disc of gauzy, shimmery otherworldly dronemusic, from the seemingly infallible Type label. Long time aQ faves, Chicago's Zelienople moved to Type, after a handful of releases on PseudoArcana, Digitalis and Root Strata, and it was a pretty perfect match. Rameses III, Alps, Goldmund, Grouper, Xela, North Sea, Helios, Svarte Greiner, Black To Comm, it's not difficult to see that maybe this was where Zelienople belonged all along.
On Give It Up, the group deftly mix light and dark, weaving softly smoldering dreamscapes, all muted and hushed, with sun dappled dronefolk, all chiming soft focus guitars, and minimal percussion, hazy and gauzy and slightly blurred, vocals surfacing here and there throughout. A sort of ethereal slowcore, pop songs pulled apart and set in amber, this record a shadow produced by the muted sunlight
shining through.
Some tracks are brooding and doomy, laced with ominous creaks and deep moaning low end tones, wheezing organs, and layered ambience, others are folky and reverbed, strummed guitars wreathed in a patina of muted thrum, spread out over some almost Neil Young sounding vox, but buried way down in the mix, still others are skeletal and barely there, voices drifting in the ether, over spare tendrils of melody, only to slowly shift, and get lost in a cloud of prismatic chordal hum. Absolutely gorgeous, the perfect blend of minimal doom folk, hushed slowcore and abstract dronemusic.
The lp version comes with a bonus cd (NOT a cd-r, an actual pressed cd), featuring Zelienople's soundtrack for a film called Gone, stunningly beautiful, even more minimal than the record proper, the first half of the disc all gauzy drones, the second half, bleary eyed
slow motion chamber music. Be careful removing the cd from the lp, it's attached by a little dollop of glue or something, but a quick
pull will take some of the lp sleeve with it..." [Aquarius Records]