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RETARDER - Enquiries

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Tourette Records 006
Release Year: 2009
Note: the very first album from the solo project of LLOYD JAMES (of CRISIS, NAEVUS, etc.), operating between more song-oriented / rock influenced tracks and free experimental synth excursions... - " the album has cohesiveness to its erratic eccentricities to be enjoyed repeatedly." [Heathen Harvest] - special offer now, last copies!
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"Ive been waiting for this one to come for quite a while. The solo debut of Lloyd James, known for what he has done in NAEVUS for the last decade.
Rumors about this commitment found their way to me shortly after Silent Life and I thought to myself that gotta sound like Clapton but no no no. As RETARDER, Lloyd sets out on a very edgy and stormy voyage, full of obstacles to overcome. Its very experimental, most of this material could possibly destroy a NAEVUS album and sometimes, its even more weird than that LARK BLAMES album he did together with Marc Blackie (SLEEPING PICTURES). Not two tracks sound the same but thats just a statement I establish and, its neither positive nor negative, its just the way it is.
The intro is a long and exhausting piano improvisation with some horns hidden underneath. Could probably call it arty or something. It doesnt sound too good, which is probably the whole idea, but it does something with you and you will feel like... Empty afterwards.
The second track has a slightly proto post-punk feeling, a simple, mechanic riff and a vocal loop is the core and I must say it sounds quite cool.
Tongue in the Wind takes the listener on a multi-layered ambient trip, where spacey sounds are mixed with something that resembles a theremin.
Track four is called Father Duncan and its probably the least experimental one, actually, it could be a NAEVUS song with that strummed guitar and simple drum pattern. Were also given some Lloyd-singing and pretty nice lyrics as usual when hes the author. A nice track and a well deserved break between all the madness that went by and that awaits; ten seconds into the fifth track youll succumb to the feberish nightmare sounds, could probably go under the parole noise lite. Tis really lots of deranged and distorted sounds swirling around and around for about, what it feels like, half the day, and its a really scary track if you ask me.

Supermans Cave is another ambient one and once again with lots of mysterious bleeps that sounds like something from my childhood, cant tell what though, but its certainly has a nostalgic feeling.
Modern Evening is nice, maybe my favorite, and sounds very apocalyptic and atmospheric and we get some singing again, over slow and brooding electric guitar harmonies and strange effects, and then finally we have Chalk is Valuable, Keep it in Your Hand that could as well be a tribute to CABARET VOLTAIRE and their mysterious Exhaust with a deranged voice popping up at random going Chalk... Hand..., after a while accompanied by some garage guitars and a monologue by Lloyd. The end.

So, that was the album Ive been waiting for? Did it fill my expectation? Sure did. Its awesome to hear Lloyd in such a different context than what Im getting used to. It feels fresh and the entire album is awfully well done. It may not be the first choice for everyone and just because you fancy NAEVUS, I cant guarantee that this will work you you. Open up all your senses and prepare for a while. Give it a shot. And then another. Personally, I think this shows that mr. James is an artist capable of doing almost anything with success." [review by The Shadows Commence]

more info : www.myspace.com/retarder