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VIDNA OBMANA - 1984-1986 [Testament of Tape]

Format: 3 x LP-Box
Label & Cat.Number: Vinyl-On-Demand VOD65
Release Year: 2009
Note: earliest material from his "Industrial-phase" rec. 1984-1986; previously unreleased or from the very early MC-only releases ! Lim. 477 copies (only 177 for shops); black box with silver silkscreen print
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €46.50

More Info

"1984-1986 Testament Of Tape captures vidnaObmana in its most experimental phase during the obscure tape period, searching for its own musical voice, Dirk Serries (well-known sound-artist, especially known for his Fear Falls Burning-Releases) is moving on this Box-Set through various styles. From utterly relentless noise music to rhythmical industrial outbursts. This 3LP set features unreleased and extremely rare tracks from a personal friend's private collection (music that was recorded exclusively for him) to songs from early cassettes releases.
While Lp Number 1 combines very beat-orientated-material in best manner of early Blackhouse or even Esplendor Geometrico. Lp2 and 3 presents the fundament and roots for his later works (Lp1 lmtd.123 copies, 3LP-Box lmtd. to 477 (300 members, 177 for wholesale/distribution)" [label info]