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WANDER - same

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Divine Frequency DV 09
Release Year: 2009
Note: new material by the "drone outlet" of BEEQUEEN
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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hnlich wie bei FRANS DE WAARDS (leider nicht mehr aktiven) Projekt SHIFTS geht es bei WANDER um ruhigen Minimalismus und Drones, allerdings hier nicht mit Gitarren erzeugt sondern mit reinen elektronisch-analogen Frequenzen, gar nicht so unhnlich von z.B. den letzten ELEH-Sachen, aber mit mehr Entwicklung im Drone...

"Ok, so Wander promised to release only once in each possible format, but Divine Frequency insisted on doing another full length CD, and who are Wander to refuse such a request? Wander is Beequeen in drone disguise. This piece (in two parts), was recorded in the summer of 2008, with subsequent mixing afterwards. All analogue synthesizers humming away. Just in to catch the next synth revival? If only. Wander never cared about hypes, but this is a great piece." [label info]


"... As ever the release itself is simply titled Wander and organ drones lay again at the foundation of this album. The CD is divided into two tracks and that does not live up to what it might suggest. It starts off with airy hiss and rumble, while a steady organ drone slowly rises up along the way; getting stronger in force and eventually slowly fading away into a more silent passage. After that a new movement in the piece shows it face: a fieldrecording of crickets guided by low end pulses that secretly take us into that second track and it's not before a louder organ sequence starts to play when you actually realize that you've reached yet another movement. And that will happen again... and again. So it's more like one long track instead of the earlier supposed two. With lots of dynamics to keep it exciting and a very pleasant listen at the same time. Oh yes, yet another fine example in that ever growing line of Wander releases." [SDT/Vital Weekly]