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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beast of Prey bop 5.1
Release Year: 2008
Note: wonderful haunting & ultra dark esoteric ambience with slight folk influences; lim. 444 oversized cardboard cover
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Gespenstischer & sehr dunkel glhender esoterischer dark ambient, mit leichten Folk-Einflssen. Msste das vierte Album der Polen sein (nach drei CDRs, die ebenfalls auf Beast of Prey erschienen). Zu entdecken fr Fans des Genres! Limitiert auf 444 Exemplaren in grossformatiger Hlle.

" - dark ambient with dark post-industrial rhythms - If symbol can be received by senses, then combining with a sound, how much a concept does it make? Is this something more, that can move our imagination a step forward? New album of Polish project Atum is a try in creating such images in our minds. As a guests on the album participated: INFAMIS, DEAD FACTORY i EQUUS.
47 minutes long album of strong dark ambient. Sounds, calm, and growing, pulsing create a grim atmosphere. Album diversified by rhythm loops, industrial hits and also acoustic guitar. Sounds for a Cold Meat fans, something between Desiderii Marginis and Megaptera.
Unconventional release in 135mm by 150mm format, printed on a cardboard 45cm long. Folded in three parts, minimalistic graphic form with specially designed symbolics. CD mounted on a rubber dot. All foiled and hand numbered to 444 copies." [label info]