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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kwan Yin Records YJ001
Release Year: 2008
Note: Chinese cross-cultural/remix compilation on a sub-label of SUBJAM with LOOP ORCHESTRA, RELAPXYCH.O / OBJEKT4 / ANDERS PETERSON, BAI TIAN, SHIZ; nice envelope sleeve cover with 4-part fold out insert, all info written in Chinese and English
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Das drfte die erste in China verffentlichte CD sein, die wir anbieten. Eine Compilation mit Collaboration-parts von BAI TIAN (auch auf der SUB ROSA Anthologie enthalten), SHIZI (auch aus China), sowie ANDERS PETERSON (aka OBJEKT4 und RELAPXYCH) und die legendren LOOP ORCHESTRA! Glitchig ambientes, drones, plunderphonics.. inkl. inlay mit liner notes ber alle Stcke auf englisch und chinesisch!

"Ya Ji (Elegant Meeting):
A truly International sound project between China, Sweden and Australia. Proving that experimental music is very much acultural. The artists involved are Bai Tian from and currently lives in Chengdu (Sichuan province) and Shizi from Lanzhou (now lives in Beijing) in China, Anders Peterson from Stockholm and The Loop Orchestra from Sydney. The Artists have remixed each others work and these remixes are joined together to make up the 16 minute collaborative first track. Sound files were exchanged through the Internet. So it is a real cross-cultural/international sound project and in that respect it is unique. The other tracks on the CD are pieces by each of the artists.

The CD is released on the Chinese label KwanYin Records which is under the Sub Jam (www.subjam.org) collective from Beijing . All of the Artwork, CD production and final mastering was done in China.

The music ranges from the sound journey of the first collaborative track , Ya Ji, through to the beautiful final slowly unfolding piece by Shizi . The 16 minute collaboration is in four separate chapters. The first is a collaboration between Bai Tian and Anders Peterson. The second is a remix by The Loop Orchestra of the collaboration. The Loop Orchestra remix is then remixed by Shizi. The piece is really like a sound journey from minimal beats which become buried by dronal loops and finally slowly collapsing into the abyss.

The second track , In , by Bai Tian is a bright crisp digital electronic piece which references the heyday of European digital electronica of the late 90s.
Track three, insomniactivity is by relapxych.0 (Anders Peterson from Stockholm, Sweden). It is a marriage of instrumentation and electronica.

The next piece (track four), Vibraloops, by The Loop Orchestra is a colourful and humourous tape-loop rendition of a 1940s/50s vibraphone orchestra. Full of kitsch and colour it is beautifully percussive and opposite to the previous piece is very much low technology or as they like to say a category called No Tech. Purely tape loops played on reel-to-reel tape machines.

Track five, Background Shadows is a radio studio remix of the CD Her Face Amongst the Shadows by Objekt4 (the previous sound project of Anders Peterson). The remix is by John Blades and Richard Fielding who co-present the experimental radio program Background Noise on 2 mbs FM in Sydney. For this they used the radio studio as an instrument. Listen at www.anonradio.net .

The final track, track six is by Shizi and is a layered drone piece which is like being consumed by a thick fog. A very appropriate closing to the elegant meeting.

The whole CD can really be described as a sound journey with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Anders Peterson (relapxych.0)
After working for many years with sound design, film music, sound recording, mastering / remastering, acoustic design and also as a musician (guitars / bass) I eventually found the most rewarding personal experience from the sounds of nature (water, wind, fire, earth), with its endless variation and amazing organic qualities, constantly evolving, and by capturing (recording) ambience from certain places I finally obtained sounds that had massive potential to be truly *original* and *unique* to myself. The next step was to combine these recordings with musical instruments and approaches, combining harmonics and body from musical instruments with the organic flow and constantly varying rhythms of for example dripping water, gusts of wind or cracking ice, through digitally coded cross-synthesis, hybrid sounds carefully sculptured by hand. Creating musical ambience instead of ambient music.

Bai Tian (aka Bai+ian) is a emerging sound artist, flute player and organizer of independent music based in Chengdu, China. He plays in a wide range of styles such as ambient, cutn'paste and electronic music etc. He has performed with Chinese and international artists such as Huan Qing, Zafka, Zbignew Karkowski and Li Chin Sung. He has participated in exhibitions such as 156M Contemporary Art Exhibition (Chengdu), Getitlouder (Chengdu) and China Power Station (London).

Shizi was born in Lanzhou, China in 1984. He is a drummer, and improvised music player. As member of Noise Association of Lanzhou he started his underground music career in the late 1990s. He has worked with more than 10 bands/projects with different styles. Once he moved to Beijing for university in 2003, he started to work in the palm of electronic/experimental and improv music. Now he is studying sound design at Beijing Film Academy.

The Loop Orchestra was formed in 1982 by Richard Fielding and John Blades. It is a collective of reel-to-reel tape machines which are approximately 30 to 35 years old. The reel-to-reel tape machines play lengths of quarter inch tape joined into loops of varying size onto which sound is recorded from various sources. This methodology is historically significant in the history of electronic music from the 1950s. The loops are mixed together to create a layered and slowly evolving soundscape. They have had CD and record releases in Australia and Europe since their first release (the LP record Suspense) in 1991. There are currently five members: John Blades, Richard Fielding, Manny Gasparinatos, Hamish Mackenzie and Juke Wyatt. The Members for this recording were John Blades, Richard Fielding, Manny Gasparinatos and Patrick Gibson. For information and a full list of performances and releases visit. www.thelooprchestra.com."

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