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VOICE OF EYE - Sprocket

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-09
Release Year: 1994
Note: lim. 250 handpainted cover, luminous bright yellow vinyl ; handmade saw-shaped painted covers
Warning: The album is sold out!

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released November 1994

"This band from Houston, Texas, is one of the main groups being active in a field of music one could name "New Sensitivity" , or, according to the group, "Somnambulart". After their two great CDs 'Mariner Sonique' (1992) and 'Vespers' (1994) Drone Records can offer the very first VOICE OF EYE-vinyl. The opening track 'Belladonna' is a timeless manifestation of deepest emotional expression; a wonderful sad and yearnful piece of music based on magic flute-playing. The other tracks are perfect examples of exploring new scopes of sound and building strange environments, finding 'gateways' to trigger Otherworldliness; using bicycle-sounds and 'oscillations' of a forest in an improvised and intuitive way. VOICE OF EYE take you to a voyage to most precious inner treasures - this music may melt your heart & soul!" [label info]

"What we are expressing is not traditional notes but VIBRATIONS OF THE SOUL" [V.O.E., ND #17, 1993]