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MOHR (aka MШHR) - How to make darkness visible

Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-02
Release Year: 1993
Warning: The album is sold out!

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released in August 1993 in an edition of 200 copies (clear yellow vinyl), in a handmade leather-wax-sleeve

second edition of 200 copies in December 1994 (green vinyl).

press-information (first ed.):
"MOHR is a well-known project in the international Industrial-Cassette-Underground. After the Split-LP with IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS and several tapes this is the very first MOHR-EP. On this EP MOHR presents two fantastic pieces of droning, pulsating and vibrating low Industrial-Nosise. Created with a sensible and subtle feel for brilliant effects, this music evokes a dense and dark atmosphere for a deep mind-imprinting. Too surreal for words! For the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN"