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TAMARU - Figure

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Trumn T01
Release Year: 2009
Note: bass-guitar drone from Japan, very mellow & minimal
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"Vignette #1 - I've had the same headache in my right temple for 8 days straight (too many football grand finals in Europe at odd hours mixed with late nights for music). Most sounds just hurt my head. But my preferred method of falling asleep involves headphones and music. Figure is a warm, treacly soother to both my sore head and desire to sleep.
Vignette #2 - I'm walking home from work with my headphones on. The sky is grey. As I walk, appearing before me is the full 180° arc of a rainbow. To anybody who, like me, has lived in Sydney for the last month and is used to much more regularly blue skies, you will understand the joyous feelings that such a sight might trigger. Figure is my brooding soundtrack which always hints at quiet joy and peaceful satisfaction.
Tamaru has created a contemplative drone work from a setup of bass guitar, volume pedal and delay pedal. The work is majestically beautiful as its simple constructs drag you through a range of of emotional states without seemingly doing very much at all. The bass notes tend to form sinewave sounds which, through subtle shifts in the delay time, are pushed into brief microtonal harmonies. Each track is given time to sink in and envelope. Each is inviting and full of warmth.
Put it down to the weather. Put it down to my health. Whatever it is, Figure is one of the finest releases I've heard for a while and will be returning to my playlist regularly top accompany any of a wide range of moods."
[Adrian Elmer/Cyclic Defrost]