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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: RRRecords RRR-CD-21
Release Year: 1993
Note: CD-version of the legendary Industrial & Noise-series (LP from 1988 with different material); tracks by ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, THOMAS DIMUZIO, MICHAEL PRIME, RLW, JOHN WIGGINS, KOJI MARUTANI, JEROME NOETINGER, etc.; soon to be rare
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"for his third compilation titled "Testament" (the first two were an LP and a five 7" box set), RRRon has collected modern day exponents of musique concrte techniques who bend and pervert a wide range of sounds. included are Artificial Memory Trace, John Wiggins, Eric Chasalow, Jerome Noetinger, RLW, Thomas Dimuzio, Tim Walters, Nick Peck, Michael Prime, and Koji Marutani. released in 1993, this collection presents a number of overlooked names along with several that have since become better known." [label info]