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BELLERUE, BOB / HALFNORMAL - Threat Level Charlie

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Anarchymoon Recordings anok1
Release Year: 2002
Note: music for glass, metal, space(s), programming, electronics, body and power"; noise against "corporate, spiritual and political power systems" !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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BOB BELLERUE aka HALF NORMAL ist ein Sound-Tüftler aus Los Angeles, auf "Threat Level Charlie" schafft er einen dichten, detaillierten Geräuschteppich gegen alle "unternehmerischen, spirituellen, und politischen Machtsysteme". Diverse Objektklassen & Materialien setzt er ein (Glass, Metall, Papier, Holz), seinen Körper, Röhren (via Kontaktmikros), eine Bambusflöte, Radiosounds und verzerrte Stimmfetzen von den mächtigen Leuten dieser Welt. Fünf sehr unterschiedliche Stücke entstehen, im Spektrum zwischen Noise und ruhigerer, aber immer rauen, Feedback-Resonanzen ausstrahlenden & höchst energiereichen & lebendigen Geräuschmusik. To discover!

"Threat Level Charlie is a composition for material, space(s), electronics, programming, body, sound and power.(Tube microphones or other prepared acoustic mics; sheets of glass, metal, paper, wood; mixer; laptop; dynamic microphones; contact mics, including one loose on a long cord; PA or speaker cabinet, homemade metal speakers; bamboo flute; radio.) Microphones are placed inside of tubes and made to feedback, and filter a portable radio that wanders in between stations. The performer plays non-musical instruments made with common materials representing consumer protection and comfort (panes of glass, metal, paper, wood), using hands, bows and feedback. A contact mic is place in the mouth, played with the tongue and gluttoral palette; it is held to speakers and plays them with feedback. A bamboo flute is played; stomping and clapping occur: these sounds are filtered through the various systems in action. Broadband noise is generated from ambient and prepared-ambient recordings; speeches by George Bush and Osama bin Laden are shredded together. The result is a visceral wail against corporate, spiritual, and political power systems, using organic and alleatoric rhythms, melodies, textures; chthonic sounds, oppressed signals." [artist description]