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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ReR Megacorp blast02
Release Year: 2009
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"This is the second release, after a long wait, from this unique ensemble. Equally at home with the discipline of composition and the tightrope of improvisation Blast (now Blast 4tet) have evolved a fluid, pointillistic, unfathomable but transparent musical language that seamlessly integrates - over very short durations - highly complex writing and very free ranging improvisation, allowing the two languages to merge and combine into a new kind of logical exposition that makes sense but cant be reverse-engineered into its component parts. This is a music that lives through detail and exposition; neither resolving into composition, nor able properly to be understood as improvisation. In this respect Blast have solved a problem that has defeated many in the last 40 years.
Founded in 1989, Blasts line up and musical focus have evolved considerably over the years, from complex, composed art-rock to a much more open style that combines elements of improvisation and austere contemporary composition.

Studied composition with Henk Stoop and wrote numerous works for ensemble and soloists. Groups include the Palinckx octet, Otolithen, the Positive Nuns and Brown vs. Brown. He has also worked with Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Fred Frith, Elliot Sharp, Gunther Sommer, Martin Schtz, Axel Drner, Jaap Blonk, and others. Special subject: multi-media - eg. 'desktop cinema/opera', with Marko Kosnik/Jaap Blonk, installations, and an opera with Jacques Palinckx.

Played in Otolithen with Dirk Bruinsma, Best Before, with Bruno Meillier and Dominique Lentin and was co-founder of TSUKI with Hans Koch and Margrit Rieben. He has also worked with Bart Maris, Ottomo Yoshide, Matt Wand, Koji Asano, Jim Meneses, Stephan Wittwer, Dorothea Schuerch, Kato Hideki, Werner Luedi, Michael Wertmueller, Kido Natsuki, Masashi Kitamura, Katsui Yuji, Yoko Miura, Martin Schuetz, and others.

Studied composition at the Rotterdam conservatory with P.J. Wagemans and Klaas de Vries. Composed for ensembles and soloists. As a guitarist played in Big Band Nieuwe Muzie' and The Positive Nuns. Has worked with Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp, Tim Hodgkinson, Pavel Fajt, Jacques Palinckx and others. Works regularly with film maker Jos Neutgens.

Active as a musician and organizer in the field of experimental music. Has worked, amongst others, with Wofgang Fuchs, Thomas Lehn, John Butcher, John Edwards, Otomo Yoshide, Peter Kowald, Tom Cora, Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson, Lisle Ellis and Wadada Leo Smith He is a permanent member of Ossatura and the Rara ensemble."

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