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ALIO DIE - Hidden Spring

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL 050
Release Year: 2009
Note: re-issue of deleted album from 1998 (Crowd Control), lim. 333 nice silver-black art digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"HIC SUNT LEONES presents Winter Solstices Spores. A reprint of two classic albums !

Two milestones of Alio Die's discography are available again after a long hiatus. This new edition offers two superb collectible digipaks printed in black on silver, in collaboration with the American graphic artist Joseph Uccello. This combination of music and artwork is an ideal celebration of this time of the year, as the Sol Niger approaches.

In the course of life we encounter a kind of special state of consciousness a moment at the threshold of a deep spiritual experience. At the border of the conscious mind (and perhaps with an initial feeling of disorientation), emerges a strong attraction toward a newly encountered state of being: a state that we feel is crucial in some way, and toward which we subconsciously strive, over the protests of normal rationality. On the other side of this threshold, beyond that apprehension, there is a sedimental layer of inner preparation which makes us ready for that moment. The energy evoked during artistic creation has always held similar qualities to this process; and listening again to these early works, it becomes clear to me just how vital to my musics flow is this process of transformation and awakening. I feel that this same process informs the art of Joseph Uccello, which elegantly accompanies the music of these two re-releases.

Sit Tibi Terra Levis/ Introspective and The Hidden Spring satisfied completely this desire of immediate expression; truth calls for realization, and the feeling of 'spring water' contained in these albums has for me still something magic after such a long , long time.
Alio Die, December 2008"

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