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HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT - A Doorbell of Earbows for Brefix

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Goat Eater Arts GOAT015
Release Year: 2008
Note: lim. 500 / third LP from this obscure project around painter & sound experimentalist ANTHONY MANGICAPRA from Brooklyn
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Geheimtip aus den Staaten! Wer auf rauh-chaotische Collagenmusik mit hohem Objekt-Noise Anteil steht, die trotzdem stimmungsvoll atmosphrisch ist, sollte hier unbedingt mal reinhren. Die vier Stcke schwanken zwischen wirren, sehr konkreten Impro-Geruschmusik-Passagen und eher dronigen Parts in denen auch vokales Material auftaucht, immer mit dem Hang, die wahrhaft ungewhnlichen Klnge und Arrangements herauszuarbeiten...

"Grainy loop tracks, vocal tracks (which may or may not also be from tape), and surrealist music which isn't miles away from early Nurse With Wound. Richard Vergez (Drowning the Virgin Silence, Gray Girls, Mothersky), Duane Hosein (A Jealousy Issue, Hand Carved Gentleman, ex-Poison the Well). BRANDON SAMDAHL (Mr Entertainment and the Pookie Smackers) and ANTHONY MANGICAPRA bathe the entire thing in foggy reverb and mysterious scratching and shifting, which pulls it all together. It makes sense only as a dream transcribed onto recording equipment. The A side contains material previously released on The Huntington Chapters three-inch CDR (Small-Doses) and the B side is all previously unreleased recordings from the same sessions. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN." [label info]

"...The A side, previously released on Small Doses, is a tripped out burst of mysterious musical abstraction. Two tracks, clocking in
at about 18 minutes total, an abstract and spacious drift through some lost alien soundscape. The first track is all tinkling melodies, glistening high end, strange rumbling fluctuations way off in the distance, bits of creak and scrape, everything bathed in foggy reverb and warm wet swirls of tape hiss and atmospheric whir. Melodies creep in and out, as do bits of field recordings, it all feels like some cinematic bleary eyed wander through a hazy druggy flashback, a washed out world of lost memories and fragmented dreams. Here and there guitars grind and reverberate, and strange percussive sonic events drift into earshot, like an even more abstract Wolf Eyes maybe. Quite gorgeous and dreamlike. The second track starts out the same, a smear of high end
shimmer, but instead of spreading out into languid pools of blurry sound, things get decidedly more abrasive, the high end becomes
sharper, the percussion is more clattery and jarring, a disembodied voice intones some creepy monologue over the top, effects swirl and swoop, deconstructed riffs chug and churn, everything dizzying and disorienting, like the nightmare analogue to the opening track's dream.
The flipside also offers up two tracks, the first begins with a swirl of creaking metal, sizzling cymbals, clattery percussion, until suddenly the clang and crunch are transformed into a strangely rhythmic crunch, the metal sounding much deeper, more of a resonant bellow, all very chaotic and cacophonous, underpinned by deep distant rumbles. Which leads right into track number two, all birdsong and tinkling chimes, whispered voices, random sonic detritus, sharp slivers of momentary buzz, soft smears of static, very haunting and ominous and like the first side, quite cinematic. Beautifully packaged as always, pressed on thick vinyl, housed in full color sleeves with super striking artwork from HPK mainman Anthony Mangicapra. We know it's LIMITED too, just not sure to how many." [Aquarius Records review]