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JAZZFINGER - Mole & the Morning Dew

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Spirit of Orr Records SO 71
Release Year: 2009
Note: lim. 600 on purple vinyl
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.50

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"Their second release for Spirit of Orr, and their first purple vinyl release, Jazzfinger use this opportunity to disseminate two sides of heavily indebted to visuals drone sound. The grainy delicacy of Beneath Our Fathers Field opens proceedings, the accompaniment to a silent piece of Egyptian rooted mystery-movie the unreleased harmonium start-up of Balance/Christophersons dawn sessions. The three pieces on the records first side feel more connected to each other than almost everything else Ive heard by this crew, its also their most aurally poetic. Jazzfinger manage to convince me Im being haunted by humans with The Swimming Heal, swirls of birds flocking and diving over some Gretna-like landscape through the feedback. The two flipside pieces are built on repeated acoustic guitar parts, cliff-hanger menace in the Dictaphone gruffness and the fear generated in repetition. Picture an acoustic Jandek lost in sea fret, encircled by a host of cymbal bowers. Jazzfinger records do more than anything else Im aware of to make yer eyes obsolete. 10/10" [Scott McKeating / Foxy Digitalis]

"It is with deep honor and wonder that we announce the release of this magical splaying of deep sound by Newcastle's mighty Jazzfinger. Truly Mr Jones and his crew are the bringers, the full cup, part of the good that balances our lives against dark evils. Without hesitation, the people who hold the world together. Feel their power, and be comforted. Limited to 600, purple vinyl." [label info]