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FROM THE WHITE CHIMNEYS - Nautilus with Wings

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Mystery Sea MS49
Release Year: 2008
Note: lim. / numb. 100 copies with full-colour laser print cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Amorph-Drones, therischer Ambient, Transzendental-Muzak! Ein neues Projekt von BEN FLEURY-STEINER (PALLADIN, LIGHT OF SHIPWRECK) und dem Dnen DANNY KREUTZFELDT. Einzelne Field-Recording Elemente sind auszumachen, ansonsten ist der amorphe Gehalt sehr hoch, ldt zum "Verschmelzen" mit dem Klang ein und zum Einnehmen einer "Binnenperspektive", in der die vielen Mikrodetails "sichtbar" werden.. NAUTILUS WITH WINGS nimmt am Ende nochmal gut "Fahrt auf", wird geruschhafter und druckvoller, den Drones wachsen Flgel !

"Behind From the White Chimneys' curtains, we have a duet of inventive, vibrant experimental-ambient shapers, as it's actually an original collab of Ben Fleury-Steiner & Danny Kreutzfeldt... Wimington, Delaware based Ben Fleury-Steiner is the instigator of the fertile Gears Of Sand label, but also a craftsmusician & meddlesome passionate sound artist... present on many fronts, he has already a solid bunch of works to his credit, and that under versatile aliases (Eneg, Light Of Shipwreck, Paradin...) on GOS, Dissonance, Mystery Sea, Umbra, Talem, just to name but a few...
Danny Kreutzfeldt is Danish and equally productive, both in terms of creations (for Databloem, Tibprod, Practising Nature, etc...) and aliases...with early influences coming from a certain electronic scene (Basic Channel, Biosphere...), he quickly veered off to nurture his very own brand of detailed engrossing ambient...
Here on "Nautilus with wings", they join forces, and undertake a journey of discovery mainly stemming from a recent fascination with the hydrothermal vents of the Mariana Trench...
The resulting work is highly evocative... a compelling, almost physical dive with all senses wide awake...
Above, a ceiling of heavy waters
as only witness to a rusted sinking shell,
a compressed hull in streams of scoria...
Preliminary to an irrepressible descent, further below
an osmotic slow drowning in primeval liquid
till the hazy bottom...
There, bowels spit long columns of dust,
floating straps pointing to something else,
& silent yearnings...
"Nautilus with wings" is our inner ship,
and its elemental drift a cleansing gate
where our passing make us feel in peace with the world...
MS49 cd-r ltd to 100 copies and numbered
sleeve design and artwork by Chalkdc." [label info]