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O'ROURKE, JIM - Rules of Reduction

Format: mCD
Label & Cat.Number: Metamkine MKCD009
Release Year: 1995
Note: early O'ROURKE piece that combines field recordings (traffic noises, honking cars) with at times layered minimal music structures of sax and piano, and other strange 'everyday life' recordings (performed music, weather sounds, playing kids, near silence atmospheres, etc.) into a true "Cinema for the Ears" journey, a phantastic Musique Concrete track with high dynamics and surprising changes, so far not re-issued anywhere else... back in stock, special priced, last copies probably
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"A 17-minute musique concrete work from O'Rourke, who has also worked with Illusion of Safety. Strange, dense, dreamlike music segments mix with more ethereal music and sounds of traffic, car horns, children playing, and speeches." [Allmusic.com]