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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Head Worse Records HW-05
Release Year: 2008
Note: Australian underground / experimental / free & abstract noise / impro compilation with a lovely handmade / recycled cover (on the RATS WITH WINGS -label): RLW, SUN OF THE SEVENTH SISTER, THE VITAMIN B12, CASTINGS, RAHDUNES, LOACHFILLET, etc.... amazing stuff included here for the adventureous hearts !! lim. 300
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Darling, darfs auch etwas ausgefallener sein? Eine australische Compilation auf dem Label von RATS WITH WINGS, irres handgemachtes Recycle-Cover, haufenweise Acts aus dem Abstract Noise / Impro Experimental Bereich, abstrakter, geruschhafter und Synapsen-sprengender geht es wohl kaum....really advanced & wild !

"The elaborate packages continue on this one also as they use old vinyl jackets on which they apply their posters. Sun of the seventh contribute in this compilation the last track of the first side (as a full force 25 member big band) along with (in order of appearance) rlw (the Johannes Frisch and Ralf Wehowsky duo, on this track they improvise on abstract structures using a sitar as a point of reference), castings (who have released in labels as chocolate monk american tapes), rahdunes (they add elements of early 80s german industrial), cygnus (in a lo-fi ambient track based on guitar accompanied with synths in the background), xNoBBQx (volumes of feedback combined to delay, wah sounds and low pitched frequencies) loachfillet (with the enigmatic sample in the beginning of a female voice that repeats in greek it is usually raining while it is followed by a freakout improvisation of noise produced by electronics, guitar and drums that bring to mind the USA scene), Marco Fusinato (who takes the lead from loachfillet in almost the same manner, he has collaborated around 2000 with Thurston Moore on live performances in the centre of contemporary art in Australia). The second side of the vinyl starts with the British the vitamin b12 (vocals processed thru o sequencer or something), Mark Harwood (a member of the australian honch synaesthesia who presents a quietly evolving track based on processed field recordings), werewolf Jerusalem (electronic noise), misty lavender doughnuts of shame (a spectacular name), arse lunch (xNoBBQxs side project, drone based on feedback and high pitched guitars recorded live around 2007), pigs in the ground funally William de Kooning (locked grooves). This release by heard worse is a high quality one. They manage to leave the labels mark while at the same time they succeed to bring to forth what connects them with the contributed artists without being boring due to the difficult music and sound aesthetics. This is an art object for sure." [Fervent, Random E-Zine]