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DURAND, WERNER - Remnants from Paradise

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Absurd # 69
Release Year: 2008
Note: aesthetic & ethereal multi-layered drone-music that has been compared to PHILL NIBLOCK - based on various acoustic instruments like Shakulimba, Bamboo & Metal Mouthharps, Tanpura, Ney & Clarinets... great album by the Berlin based droner with three long tracks (55+ min.), now back in stock! comes in special three-panel circle cover
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Drei sehr schne "organic drones" vom Berliner WERNER DURAND, alle basierend auf effektierten Blasinstrumenten. Sehr minimal, eher therisch-fein gesponnen als symphonisch, fr die Schaffung einer kontemplativen Atmosphre aber auch zum Detail-hren sehr gut geeignet. Tip !

"The name Werner Durand might not be very well-known, which is a great pity. His claim to fame has nothing to do with his real music: he played flute on Muslimgauze' 'Mort Aux Vaches' release. But Durand's background is with improvisation and wind instruments. As far as I can remember there is only solo release by him, 'The Art Of Buzzing' on X-TRact/Edition RZ (see Vital Weekly 305), where he plays PVC pipes with saxophone mouthpieces or flower pots and tin foil plates as resonators. His great power lies in multi-tracking his playing, obscuring the original sounds through very simple means of layering many on top of each other. After all these years it's still his favorite method of composing music. The cover lists the instruments such as bamboo and metal mouthharps, tanpura, sliding pvc-ney and sliding pvc clarinets with prepared resonators, electronics and delays. The end result is a highly minimalist pattern which he gently waves together, going to small changes all the time, thus avoiding leaping into pure minimal music. One could say that this is drone music, but like before I like to draw a parallel to the work of Phill Niblock, even when Durand's music is a bit more clouded and less detailed. Overall however it's a highly atmospheric set of sounds Durand is playing here. Hopefully more music will be made available and not in another seven years, as this is really nice stuff." [FdW / Vital Weekly]