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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Table for Six: All Quiet? # 3

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: EE Tapes EE15
Release Year: 2008
Note: third volume of this compilation series, 6 long tracks by NEUESTRASSE, STORMHAT, ANEMONE TUBE, BRUNO DE ANGELIS, FRANS DE WAARD, and (AD)VANCE(D) (ex VANCE ORCHESTRA); lim. 300 7" silkscreen-cover
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Das wohl am längsten bestehende belgische Label für elektronisch-experimentelle, post-industrielle und dronig-ambiente Klänge geht mit seiner TABLE FOR SIX-Reihe in die dritte Runde (sechs lange Beiträge)! Wieder präsentiert sich eine gelungene Mischung aus Altbekannten oder älteren Acts (FRANS DE WAARD, ANEMONE TUBE (nach langer Pause wieder aktiv wie's scheint) und (AD)VANCE(D) (ex VANCE ORCHESTRA), und den Newcomern NEUESTRASSE (mächtig atmosphärische dark ambient Drone aus Italien), STORMHAT (post-industrieller drone-industrial mit ungewöhnlicher Komplexität im Microsound-Bereich, sehr genial! Dänemark), und BRUNE DE ANGELIS (elektro-akustisch beeinflusste dunkel-symphonische Musik, nicht so weit entfernt von alten TIETCHENS-Sachen). Insgesamt sehr dunkel-atmosphärisch geprägt, Spezial 7"-Siebdruck-Cover, keine Ausfälle, was will man mehr !

"EE Tapes was originally a tape-exclusive label established in Belgium back 1987, but during the years the media forms released from the label has changed, to the present state of being a CD-only label. Present release is another shot from the "Table For Six"-series, that celebrates different forms of ambient with contributions from interesting composers of the scene. On this third chapter contributions comes from newcomers as well as from more established artists. Despite the focus on ambient the approaches to the style is quite different with everything from concrete sounds to abstracts noise. Opening piece titled "Bulo omega" is twelve minute work of buzzing drones from Italian artist Neuestrasse. Washes of noise waves creates a quite organic edge to the expressions of noise. Organic is also the word to describe the following contribution from Danish artists Stormhat that specializes in ambient-scapes exclusively based on field recordings. His piece "Substanser" nicely mixes abstract concrete sounds with recognizable found sounds. German project Anemone Tube continues with a minimalist piece of beautiful ambient based on processed choir-samples and grandiose soundscapes. With its warm atmosphere, the work titled "Projected cataclysm" from Anemone Tube stand in extreme contrast to the following icy drone work from Dutch sound artist Frans De Waard. His piece titled "Wortel (root)" is another minimalist work based on buzzing drones operating in subconscious levels with a very interesting result. Once in a while the drones fades away giving space for swarms of high frequency noises and crackling electronics wiping out any sign of buzzing tranquility. Dutch artist (Ad)vance(d) closes the compilation with another great piece of ambience based on field recordings with subtle melodies moving in deeper layers. Excellent compilation that also presents some quite bizarre and beautiful jazz-like ambient-noise-spheres based on acoustic instruments such as horns and string instruments from Italian artist Bruno De Angelis. Thus a great span in the contributing expressions. Good work." [NM, Vital Weekly]

" 1 | Neuestrasse (Italy): atmospheric ambient noise aka Matteo Roncari | newcomer in the dark ambient scene, although he had a first CD out already on polish War Office Propaganda label in 2006 neuestrasse@tiscali.it
2 | Stormhat (Denmark): obsessive experimental sonics aka Peter Bach Nicholaisen | climbing up fast on today's ladder of field recording-fame with CDreleases out on US-labels Cohort Records & Diophantine Discs www.stormhat.dk
3 | Anemone Tube (Germany/Netherlands): contemplative digital synths - aka Stefan Hanser, (harsh) noise artist returning after a long silence & now residing in the Netherlands, showcasing a very unusual piece for his doing in the best 80s prog synth tradition, but
with modern tools www.myspace.com/anemonetube
4 | Bruno De Angelis (Italy/UK): modern classical improvisation - former member of Influenza Prods (80s) and still active with Mana Erg (90s - now), always doing a kind of cinematographic stuff so far, here presenting a most special solo outing bruno.deangelis@yahoo.co. uk
5 | Frans de Waard (Netherlands): noise collage of tape-hiss only, back to the root(s) -
it all started with the cassette....
pioneer with Korm Plastics, (ex-)Staalplaat, Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Freiband, Shifts, etc etc.... www.fransdewaard.blogspot.com
6 | (ad)vance(d) (Netherlands) : floating space sounds built up with field recordings & a lot of
imagination - aka Mars F. Wellink (ex-Vance Orchestra) who teams up with Jan Dekker for this exclusive contribution: a well-balanced composition between dream, sleep & reality maybe..... mars.f.wellink@xmsnet.nl"
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