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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - The Recommended Records Sampler 1982 - 25th Anniversary Edition

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: ReR 25 A/B
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of this historic milestone collection - the first compilation Recommended Records released (do-LP in 1982)t, now a collectors item, with exclusive material by: FAUST, ART BEARS, THE HOMOSEXUALS, UNIVERS ZERO, AKSAK MABOUL/HONEYMOON KILLERS, THE WORK, HENRY COW, ART ZOYD, THIS HEAT, THE RESIDENTS, PICCIO DAL POZZO, ROBERT WYATT, HECTOR ZAZOU, and many more... 2 hours of material, BACK IN STOCK
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".. Chris Cutler hat es sich wenige Jahre zuvor mit Gleichgesinnten zur Aufgabe gemacht ein Label zu eröffnen für musikalische Weitsicht. Inhalt, Rock, wohl nicht wirklich, für New Wave war alles viel zu wenig stylisch. Musikalisch hatte der Zuhörer eher den Eindruck, eine Symbiose aus Genanntem mit improvisierten Soft Machine zu hören. Das Label hatte es in den zurückliegenden Tagen wirklich geschafft, einen eigenen erkennbaren Sound mit dem dementsprechenden Coverartwork zu kreieren. Die Veröffentlichung dieses Samplers hatte damals natürlich die Aufgabe der klassischen Labelschau, heute wirkt es wie ein wunderbares musikalisches Fotoalbum. Man trifft auf alte Bekannte wie Henry Cow, Robert Wyatt und den Homosexuals oder gar Conventum. Schön ist es, aus dem Booklet zu erfahren, dass Joseph Racaille immer noch musikalisch umtriebig ist. Natürlich mit dabei die martialische Kunst von Faust. Wer das gemeinsame Tassengeschepper aus einem damaligen Cafe mit dem dazugehörigen Soundtrack kennt, gegenüber dem hektischen Wegwerfen eines Coffee-To-Go Bechers, der sollte hier dem Kauf zum Wiederentdecken auf jeden Fall nachkommen. Neue Hörer und Interessierte sowieso." [Morton, Unruhr.de]

"A keystone reissue of an historic collection featuring: Faust (D), Art Bears (UK), ZNR (F), Robert Wyatt (UK), The Residents (USA), Henry Cow (UK), This Heat (UK), Art Zoyd (F), Univers Zero (B), Stormy Six (I), Aqsak Maboul (B), Picchio Dal Pozzo (I), Decibel (MX), Goebbels and Harth (D), The Homosexuals (UK), The Work (UK), Amos and Sarah (UK), Ron Pate/Raudelunas (USA), Conventum (CAN), Hector Zazou, Joseph Racaille and Patrick Portella (F). Total Time: 2 hours. Recommended Records was set up in the late 1970s by Chris Cutler and Nick Hobbs - both then busy with Henry Cow - on the back of the worst possible business model imaginable: to collect and distribute music which, in Cutler’s judgement, was original, important or excellent - and otherwise generally unknown. No major labels, just releases by independents or artists themselves, with particular emphasis on ignored European releases. It was an interesting moment: punk and the new wave had unsettled the old certainties, major labels were floundering and a new generation was setting up its own channels of information and distribution. Out of this stimulating chaos, all sorts of innovations and alternative propositions emerged, especially outside the UK/US axis, which by then had become complacent and arrogant - because they had ‘invented’ rock and what else was there to know? Thus Recommended quickly became the principle source of information about a diverse new underground of innovative music that wasn’t jazz, rock, new wave, or anything quite. By 1982, Recommended was in its fourth year. The catalogue had expanded and the label was firmly established. A sampler seemed an obvious and necessary next step. Compiling extracts from existing releases would have been boring, so we asked the most interesting groups in our catalogue to record something new. The result was two hours of music released as a double LP in a hand silk-screened sleeve that was, as it turned out, a time capsule - a tidy slice taken across a fascinating forking of musical paths that captured a moment of growth that foresaw a variety of possible futures. 26 years on it has become a highly prized collectors item, not only because of the breadth and quality of the music it contains, but also because of its early geographical reach. A lot has changed in little more than a generation." [label info]