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INFANT CYCLE - Secret Hidden Message

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-95
Release Year: 2008
Note: hypnotic drone-circles from Canada using tons of instrumental sound-sources, lim. 300 transparent/black vinyl, comes with self-made transparent cover-sheet by the artist. VERY LAST COPIES available (retour from distro)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

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"...oszillierend zart und schwirrend, bis ein auslaufgroove für unerwartete erdung sorgt; der sich der windende drone nicht unterwerfen will, statt dessen sich sammelt und ins reverb flüchtet (inklusive delay-feedback-stop). stück 2 auf der A-seite dagegen ein wolkig-voluminöser drone mit nervösen einsprengseln, durch die flüchtigkeit von wolke + sprengseln genau so wenig statisch wie der erste track „secret hidden mistake", bis urplötzlich die wolke hinter sich gelassen wird und der nackte ton bleibt. das stück auf der zweiten seite heisst dann nicht nur „trombone", sondern ist nach angabe auf dem inlay (alle instrumentalen zutaten werden gelistet) auch allein mit einer posaune gespielt. nun denn, wenn auch die instrumente genannt werden, über die produktion herrscht stillschweigen; so ist die posaune auch in keiner weise erhörbar... ...wie sie als fragmentiert lautmalerischer impuls wächst und wächst und schließlich in einem wind untergeht. höhepunkt!" [N, Unruhr.de]

"THE INFANT CYCLE is a long operating experimental project from Ontario (Canada), active since 1992 with many releases on MC & CDR on different labels and the home imprint THE CEILING.
The three pieces on this EP were created using sounds from various instruments as Trombone, guitar, windchimes, marimba, birdcage, etc.. The result sounds rather electronic & hypnotic, with bright shining drones & repetitive rhythmic patterns & loops moving into more amorphous & multilayered sounding electro-acoustics. In spite of the rather experimental working-methods the outcome is very compact & condensed. THE INFANT CYCLEs approach to sound is based on the belief that words and explanations can only fail to describe or explain it, what is needed is a non-verbal, intuitive understanding of the work: "The artist's ego must not inhibit the piece's effect. It is the sound you are hearing, not the artist." Is the artist playing the sound or the sound playing the artist?

Filed under: Multilayered Drone-Hypnotism
more info: www.myspace.com/the_ceiling


"This is the first release from drone records and the infant cycle that I am listening to and it is a happy surprise. I have to admit that drone music is not exactly my mug of coffee mostly because most of the times I find it different to concentrate to it due to the lack of information. This doesn’t apply here cause there is an interesting mix with electro-acoustic elements. Infant cycles is Jim DeJong active sinve 1992 in (from the infant cycle’s last fm page) “…exploring the relationship between sounds and their origins, as well as that which proceeds it”. Both sides of the 7” are very carefully structured. Side A has two tracks that could easily been understood as one, “secret hidden message” and “(and then the dog replied)”, both characterized by the persistence of DeJong in what I understand as detailed abstract linear narration, all sounds are collaged beautifully in medium durations that produce beautiful kind of loop effects though there is complete absence of repetition. As I read that some of these sounds come from a bird cage, wind chimes and cookery I can only suppose that they were time and pitch stretched. The second side is the most impressive though. “Trombone” is based on recordings of a trombone (obviously) that were manipulated and treated in a manner that brings to my mind of oval. There is a minimal techno element , at least in the first part, that is followed by an abrupt change in the composition. Despite of that the result is very cohesive. I have to admit that I have this feeling that I should know what the infant cycle do. This is very well-crafted, well thought and interesting 7”. Bull’s eye." [Fervent, Randeom E-Zine]