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ABTAN, FREIDA - Subtle Movements

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Durtro Jnana UJ 111
Release Year: 2007
Note: debut solo-album of NURSE WITH WOUND-member FREIDA ABTAN, includes two collaborations with STEVEN STAPLETON and COLIN POTTER
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Debut-Album von FREIDA ABTAN, die zuletzt als NURSE WITH WOUND-Bandmitglied & Collaborateurin auffiel. Auf "Subtle Movements" bewegt sie sich zwischen experimentellem Abstrakt-Drone und Elektro-Akustik und setzt dabei oft & gekonnt ihre Stimme ein, um z.T. sehr schne harmonische, repetitive & sich berlagernde Texturen zu bilden. Auf zwei Stcken ist STEVEN STAPLETON vertreten. Ein sehr vielversprechender Erstling !

"Freida Abtan loves sound. Her music falls somewhere in between musique concrete and more modern noise and experimental audio. Concentrating on the visceral and inspired by dreams, she has created visual shows for and played with Nurse with Wound, and also as presented her own sound and visual work at festivals across Canada.
Subtle Movements was completed over four years from the sidelines of Abtan's other projects and during her schooling in Montreal. It's a collection of her favorite pieces, combining her love of electro-acoustic music with her love of found melody. Two of the songs that appear on the album are collaborations with Steven Stapleton of Nurse with Wound, recorded in Colin Potter's studio in Preston, England, when Abtan traveled there to play a show as part of Scribble Seven in March 2006 alongside Stapleton, Potter, Andrew Liles, Matt Waldron, Joolie Wood, and Maja Elliott." [label info]