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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Dreaming of a major third CD Edition RZ 10006 / Parallele 6   1997 €16.50
Vier Stcke [Four Pieces] CD Edition RZ Parallele 11   2000 €13.00
Twelve Signals CD Semishigure semi004 meditative work for electrical miner bells 2004 €13.00
Five Electrical Walks CD Important Records IMPREC 167 her first collection of compositions utilizing material recorded during Electrical Walks, working with electrical induction sounds in realtime !! 2007 €14.00
La Ville Magnetique / The Magnetic City CD Ville de Poitiers 24 Electromagnetic Walks in Poitiers (FR) 2009 €15.00
Licht Himmel CD Gasometer Oberhausen stereoversion of the 14-channel composition that was part of the light-sound installation "Licht Himmel" at Gasometer Oberhausen (a 100m high gastank), inaugurated March 2006 2009 €15.00
Magnetic Flights CD Important Records IMPREC 328CD two new pieces using electromagnetic field recordings made of international airports & inside airplanes, using her selfbuild wireless headphones...a unique soundworld-creation by the legendary German sound-artist 2011 €15.00
Mono Fluido CD Important Records IMPREC 327CD two previously unreleased compositions from the early 80's, entirely acoustic stuff !! 2011 €15.00