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Ai Ma Ra do-CD Aural Hypnox [AH11] third album by this Finnish ritual/dark ambient duo; "ethnography of the Unknown in action"; lim. 1000 in handcrafted dark green cardboard-cover incl.8 page booklet, very nice 2009 €16.00
Scorpion Milk CD Aural Hypnox / Stellar Mansion series [AHSM07] re-issue of one of the two (along with 'Mirrorion' which came out at the same time in 2006) very first ARKTAU EOS albums => a single one-tracker (48 min.) creating a hypnotic aura with the minimal use of e-bass, vintage electronics and choir-like vocalizations.. lim. 500, new cover design in the typcial Aural Hypnox cardboard format with silkscreened insert card & 8 panel booklet 2014 €13.00
Mirrorion CD Aural Hypnox AHSM09 deluxe re-edition of the phantastic first ARKTAU EOS album from 2006 => music as a gateway to the OTHERWORLDS => all sounds were created without electronics on archaic instruments or using elemental sources as water, wind, wood, metal, invocations... music as coming from deep catacombs, sometimes very powerful and demonic, then almost smooth and ambient, with dark folk elements in between.. oversized screen print cover, 8 panel booklet, eight full colour cards !! 2016 €15.00