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ARKTAU EOS - Mirrorion

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Aural Hypnox AHSM09
Release Year: 2016
Note: deluxe re-edition of the phantastic first ARKTAU EOS album from 2006 => music as a gateway to the OTHERWORLDS => all sounds were created without electronics on archaic instruments or using elemental sources as water, wind, wood, metal, invocations... music as coming from deep catacombs, sometimes very powerful and demonic, then almost smooth and ambient, with dark folk elements in between.. oversized screen print cover, 8 panel booklet, eight full colour cards !!
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More Info

After a long period of unavailability we are proud to release the debut album of Arktau Eos 'Mirrorion - Telegnostic Edition' through our Stellar Mansion series.

Presented in seventeen chapters that can be approached as singular gateways or a slowly unfolding journey of epic proportions, the debut album of ARKTAU EOS is a challenging, complex work. Born of intense private musico-magical sessions held in places abandoned by man and further refined in the temple-laboratory of the duo, it is the distillation of seven arduous months of work.

As the title suggests, 'Mirrorion' is the music of stellar light thrown down from the Heaven's zenith and its eldritch reflections in the depths below, uniting atavistic elemental noise with serene passages of crystalline, spectral ambience. Ultimately, 'Mirrorion' seeks to surpass such earthly definitions in favour of a non-dual vision of reality, hopefully transforming the listener in the process.

For this recording ARKTAU EOS have favoured an organic approach with majority of instrumentation being of acoustic variety, including the unearthly choral of the kanglings, piercings blasts of windbones, accelerating steel-plate rolls, singing bowl and various kinds of stringed instruments.

The album is enclosed in an oversized screen printed cardboard covers including an 8-panel booklet with historical and other additional notes and eight full-colour insert cards within a stamped envelope. Limited to 493 copies.


"Das fantastische AURAL HYPNOX-Label aus Nordfinnland mit einem neuen Projekt, das wie HALO MANASH und AOEGA mit dem Labelgrnder ANTTI HAAPAPURO verbunden ist. Diese Aufnahmen entstanden (man glaubt es beim Hren kaum) ohne elekronische Soundquellen, sondern nur auf archaischen Instrumenten in spontaner Improvisation & an abgelegenen Pltzen... fliessendes Wsser wie aus tiefen Grotten, Gong-Drones, gutturale Gesnge & Anrufungen, Sounds aus Holz- Wind & Metall, das alles in finsterster, ritueller Katakomben-Stimmung, mal sehr mchtig, dmonisch, mal sanfter & dark ambienter.... dazwischen schlen sich als Auflockerung mitunter instrumentelle dark-Folk-artige Arrangements hervor, aber stets im Rahmen der schamanistischen Noises...
Der perfekte Soundtrack um mit der "Andernwelt", die auch in uns ist, in Kontakt zu treten..." [Drone Rec. info to the first ed]