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The dark Inches 7inch Happy Zloty Records 012zloty two pieces for Cello, handplayed percussion and loops => dark acoustic / chamber-music compositions with very unusual Cello-sounds... great EP by this Berlin based musician, film-maker and graphic artist, recorded at the legendary "Studio Nord" in Bremen; lim. 77 copies only !! 2015 €10.00
Thank You 10inch Meudiademorte mddm54 the Berlin-based filmmaker and musician who creates "songs" beyond all typical styles or genres, has released this impressive 10";, the main instrument used is the Cello, which is played in minimal structures or drone-harmonics, at times enriched with percussive elements, found sounds, strange object noises, musique concrete, film-music... the effect is extreme ly intimate, "hand-made", and exciting, 11 tracks are to be found here that sound all completely different!! Lim. 300 2016 €13.00