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Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Meudiademorte mddm54
Release Year: 2016
Note: the Berlin-based filmmaker and musician who creates "songs" beyond all typical styles or genres, has released this impressive 10";, the main instrument used is the Cello, which is played in minimal structures or drone-harmonics, at times enriched with percussive elements, found sounds, strange object noises, musique concrete, film-music... the effect is extreme ly intimate, "hand-made", and exciting, 11 tracks are to be found here that sound all completely different!! Lim. 300
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"Ansgar Wilken is a skilled kitchen sink avantgardist whos not only playing the cello or the fiddle but is also utilising his cutlery and dishes to make you feel at home in his unique and colourful universe of sound. A plethora of sonic adventures awaits the avid listener, musical surprises catch the ear, voices high and low are calling theres even a hamsters cage rattling! Playfully produced, Thank You keeps giving with every new listen. Think of Moondog thumbing Michael Francis Duchs nose and youre close
Originaly published 2014 as Cassette on Spam.
10" released in an edition of 300.
Music: cello, fiddle, keyboard, electronics, samples, camping dishes, glasses, hamster cage by Ansgar Wilken

Mastering: Frank Schltge Blum
Photo: Jann Wilken
Layout: Ansgar Wilken & Xenia Zenner"