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Cooties LP Death Waltz Records CAT NO. DW053 this is KRENGS first soundtrack work for a "big" movie, an ironic horror comedy about school-kids turning into Zombies & killing their teachers after eating tainted chicken nuggets; a big step into a different direction for KRENG, surprising on any of 22 (!) tracks, between dark- & weirdness..."long sprawls of DJ Shadow like beat driven grooviness, or swirly, symphonic exotica, or hushed, somber shimmer, it's all woven together into a proper album, that is a pretty fantastic listen.." [Aquarius Rec.] 2015 €35.00
Grimoire LP Miasmah Recordings mialp 016 re-press of second album from 2011 - a masterpiece of moody & cinematic neo-chamber soundscapes (sometimes electronically enhanced or processed with dramatic effect) from this Belgian artist known for his scores for theatre-plays, often dense & droney and with a surrealistic touch as being locked in a strange otherworld... filed under: eerie chamber-music drones; this really sucks you IN! lim. 500 2015 €17.00
The Summoner LP Miasmah Recordings MIALP030 four years after the last KRENG album "Grimoire" this intense & claustrophobic new work reflects the undergoing of the "5 stages of mourning" (adding a new stage in between - "The Summoning") after loss => using the sounds of 12 string players & wall of noises provided by a Belgian doom metal band, this album creates extreme tension, dramatic phases, existential emotions... comes in beautiful die-cut cover with thick full colour inner sleeves 2015 €17.00
Camino - Original Soundtrack do-LP INVADA INV163 original Soundtrack for this high class thriller by JOSH WALLER; KRENGs second soundtrack work, full of tension, darkness and pounding elements, electronic and classic foundations... lim. 500 clear vinyl, gatefold cover with booklet & download code - on the label of GEOFF BARROW (PORTISHEAD) 2016 €30.00
Selfed do-10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-23 An Interplay of Circling Dynamics! KRENGS most intense soundtrack in three parts for a solo dance performance choreography by KEVIN TRAPPENIERS, relating to the phenomenum of 'Self-Pollination' in Biology ; a double 10" (45 rpm) in full colour gatefold sleeve, first ed. of 498 copies; two different coloured vinyls, the fourth side has a 'clear on red' etching with the credits, something you have never seen before!!!! 2016 €25.00