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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Kanashibari LP Dogma Chase DOGMA 005 collector's item of this UK dark ambience-project with ex PESSARY members; 'lim. / numb. 300 in luxuriously designed cover with gold-print & die-cut sleeves. Japan import! 2008 €20.00
Kanashibari CD Cold Spring Records CSR95CD re-issue of the LP release by Dogma Chase, includes bonus-track 2008 €13.00
Contemptus Mundi CD Cold Spring Records CSR113CD collab. with Magus Peter H Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan (!) 2009 €13.00
Live at the Cave CD Steinklang SK7-21 live-document rec. 10.2008 in Salzburg, Austria; dark massive ritualistic & esoteric industrial by this project from UK, special priced 2010 €7.50
The Hanging CD-BOX Tesco Org. TESCO099 the long active 'otherworldy / esoteric ambient noise' project from the UK with only few releases so far is back; this is mighty, powerful, at times brooding industrial ambience with a disturbing effect.. "Every sound seems like a drill that is looking for a way through your brain. It hurts, it is destructive, but the feeling is blissful" [Peek-A-Boo] comes in big cardboard box with 11 squared cards for every track 2015 €15.00