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Psychoide / Participation Mystic CD Conspiracy Records core053 CD-EP with two songs + remixes by ROBIN RIMBAUD (SCANNER) and JUSTIN BROADRICK (JESU); total running time 42+ min 2007 €13.00
Art des Poussieres LP Conspiracy Records CORE069 last copies back in stock of the (vinyl only) debut LP by the dazzling French 'acoustic drone' duo (=> also recently on our 'Drone-Mind Vol. 3 comp) , on the now disfunctioned Conspiracy label... lim. 400 2008 €16.00
Le Diable avec ses Chevaux do-CD Conspiracy Records CORE057 their first full length album 2008 €14.50
Un Souffle de Voix CD Neuropa Records NRP21 third album and the French duo gets better: unusual drums, powerful violin-playing, spheric cymbal-sounds, strange voice-material, gongs, field recordings, samples.. = dark & hypnotic instrumental music combining ambient/drone, jazz & medieval influences, highly innovative ! 2009 €14.00
Continuum Sonore CD Basses Frequences BF44CD fantastic new album by the French duo enlarging their typical ethno-percussive style by creating immersive majestic & emotional instrument based drone-pieces, full of tension & dark grace, using mesmerizing sounds from cymbalon, alto, bodhran, & field recordings... very beautiful & highly recommended ! 2012 €12.00
Phantasmes LP three:four records TFR020 39min. soundtrack to a film by THOMAS PANTALACCI, the adequate music for experimental visuals => visionary / surrealistic drones & instrumental fragments, very dark... 'A sensory experience between dream and reality, fantasy and eroticism, awakening and sleep'; great release by the French duo again ! 2013 €16.00
Continuum Sonore part 7>14 CD Zoharum ZOHAR 085-2 the sequel to the CD from 2012 (on Basses Freq.) offers 8 new floating "movements" of MANINKARIS unique style, a kind of instrumental and handplayed ambient / jazz / drone / impro - melange, based on percussion, electronics and unusual instruments, with both haunting and elevating effects... "Continuum Sonore pt. 7>14" shows them at their most droning & atmospheric... lim. 300 2014 €12.00
L'Ocan Rve dans sa Loisivet CD Three:Four Records TFR025 it seems the two French twin brothers can only get better and better with every release - their newest album is based on the theme "ocean", reflecting the subconscious, the oriental harmonic influence is strong and merges with repetitive drones, all acoustic; using bodhran, cymbalon, santoor, zurna, percussion... "the combination of repetition and oriental tones create a heady sound continuum providing the 10 nameless tracks with a mantra-like resonance" 2014 €13.00
Oroganolaficalogramme CD-R Ferme-l'oeil 01 (Maninkari self-released) a rare self-released CDR by the great brother-duo from Paris => "Oroganolaficalogramme" surprises with solemn organ tunes, additional violin and dark rumblings, no percussion appears, a very floating and droning release that gets more and more dense and dark as it continues..as usual high class stuff! lim. 100 numbered copies only, 7 tracks 40+ minutes, oversized poster cover 2016 €13.00
L'Ocan Rve dans sa Loisivet - second session CD Zoharum ZOHAR 153-2 second part! the great French duo with subtle improvisations on the theme 'ocean', reflecting the subconscious.. the oriental harmonic influence is strong and merges with repetitive drones, all acoustic; using bodhran, cymbalon, santoor, zurna, percussion; "This album with the subjective title transports us in a frenetic universe where the sea mother of idleness reigns in all power, land and sea form a vibrant balance"; beautiful cover art, ed. of 300 copies 2017 €12.00
Ruins of Time LP Three:Four Records TFR035 LP "Ruins of Time" is the original motion picture soundtrack for a short film by MATHIEU PETEUL (orig: "Ruines du Temps", 2016), feat. SOFIA ATMAN [voice] => four tracks of ghostly drones and atmospheres, very subtle and introspective, a fragmented beauty is created, transcending into amorphous regions of dreams and childhood memories.... [created by: viola, cello, synths, drums, field recordings]... highly recommended! 2017 €15.00