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Maximum Punishment Solutions / Littleton CD Klanggalerie gg121 re-issue of the first LP from 1997 (StateArt) by this German "TerrorPop"-band feat. GENEVIEVE PASQUIER, who have been called the "German SPK"; also included are the Littleton 7" (1999) and two other rare / unreleased tracks ! Lim. 500 2010 €15.00
Exkarnation CD Ant-Zen act254 new album after their return! ... "old school industrial with clear impressions of old school cyberpunk" 2011 €14.00
New Heroes Essential CD Klanggalerie gg168 re-issue of the third & last album from 2005 (the FIRST Thorofon incarnation); more (dance)-rhythmic as before with vocals by GENEVIEVE PASQUIER; incl. bonus material 2012 €14.50
Roots CD Ant-Zen act344 20th anniversary release for this German electro industrial / noise project, containing mainly rare & unreleased material from the bands history, but also new reinterpretations of older tracks... "the ingredients of vintage industrial music, cold power electronics and menacing electronic body music coalesce in a most perfect way" 2016 €14.00