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Recurring (Dream Circle) CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL11CD re-issue of three remixed tracks from the very first RAPOON-album "Dream Circle" (1992) plus lots of previously unreleased stuff.. 1996 €13.50
Just say the faith LP Soleilmoon Rec. SOLV 006 back in stock - first RAPOON LP from 1998, which sounded very much similar to old ZOVIET FRANCE roots ! last copies ! 1998 €15.00
Raising Earthly Spirits CD Soleilmoon SOL 65 re-issue of the 2nd legendary RAPOON album, released 1993; masterpiece of ethno/trance post industrial 1999 €13.00
Cold War: drum'n'bass do-CD Caciocavallo CAD 7 back in stock this very rhythmic RAPOON release from 2000 - a very own kind of deep & trancy "drum'n'bass" 2000 €15.00
Just say the Faith CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 107 CD re-issue of the LP incl. a bonus-remix and 2 previously unreleased tracks ! 2001 €13.00
Navigating by Colour CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 71 CD re-issue of album from 1999 back in stock - comes with 7 images of the 12 cards that came with the original edition 2001 €13.00
Fallen Gods / Cidar do-CD Staalplaat STCD 094 re-issue of the deleted CD from 1994 with bonus CD 'Cidar' (so far only available on DAT).. " the sounds are fleeting and dreamlike, transcending boundaries and ascending from the farthest reaches of the earth. Much more in rhythmical cycles, the looped percussion is hypnotic and lush, culling its influence from several known cultures." BACK IN STOCK! 2003 €18.50
I am a Foreigner CD Caciocavallo CAD 26 'an exploration of new spaces and senses' - RAPOON album from 2003, back in stock 2003 €13.50
Church Road CD Tantric Harmonies TANTRA X37 standard jewel-case edition / lim. 500 2006 €13.00
Alien Glyph Morphology CD Caciocavallo CAD30 ed. of 400 in special handmade tiger-print folder with banderole. Contains extended versions of the vinyl-edition & a previously unavailable song 2007 €15.00
Dream Circle CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 028CD / Indiestate Distribution IST 078CD re-issue of the very first RAPOON-album from 1992, released shortly after the split from ZOVIET FRANCE; a classic of ethno-ambient industrialism; nice gold on black printed cover, lim. 500 2010 €13.00
The Bush Prophet CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 029 CD / Indiestate IST 079 CD rare new Russian release dealing with "isolationism and the myth of democracy", a retreat to the free and open spaces of mind; lim. 500 with artwork by ROBIN STOREY 2010 €13.00
Media Studies CD Aquarellist aquarel 17-11 RAPOON exploring new conceptual & acoustic paths, MEDIA STUDIES is a work about mass media's mind manipulation & propaganda; lim. 500 with two colour postcards 2011 €13.00
Messianicghosts CD Aquarellist 18-11 amorph dronescapes coming from alien dimensions & hypersphere loops; re-issue of much requested Klanggalerie CD from 2002 (contains the rare & great CDR of same title (Syntactic 1997), plus the "Birethen" 7" (1995, Syntactic) and two previously unreleased tracks); lim. 430 copies only, comes with two full colour postcards 2011 €13.00
Messianicghosts (special edition) CD Aquarellist 18-11b amorph dronescapes coming from alien dimensions & hypersphere loops - SPECIAL EDITION in closeable linen bag, numbered ed. 70 copies only, comes with 5 original photos and Nepalese incense sticks! very few in stock! 2011 €25.00
Easterly 6 or 7 CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 031 CD / Indiestate Distribution IST 084 CD re-issue of album from 1997, lim. 450 - great example of RAPOONs early phase of "middle eastern" ambience 2012 €13.00
Easterly 6 or 7 CD & OBJECT Ewers Tonkunst HHE 031 CD* collectors item - special edition - lim. 50 in wooden box / sleeve with 2 additional cards 2012 €25.00
Seeds in the Tide Vol. 1 do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 038-2 collection of the rare & beautiful Vol.1 - tracks taken from compilations, small or limited formats: CD 1: material from 1993-1999; CD 2: re-issue of different CDR version of "Messianicghosts"; comes in nice double-digipack 2012 €16.00
Stray CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL181CD STRAY is using low fi source recordings from a women's choir and much more to create mysterious but appealing hypno-scapes with the special RAPOON-like ethno-atmosphere...comes in a wonderful art-package (oversized art-paper cover) with golden printed envelope, lim. 333 copies only ! 2012 €18.50
Time-loop Anomalies CD Zoharum ZOHAR 030-2 collection of single tracks and remixes, often rhythmic & trancy in the "typical" & adored RAPOON-style (all previously unreleased)... "eerie, ethereal music lingering on the borderlands of dreamworld and reality" 2012 €12.00
Moon and Cups Series # 1 7inch Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P. 025 rare 7" (lim. 100 in total) on this label from Hongkong, two tracks filled with hallucinogenic ethno-drones, exotic flute-sounds & rhythms, strange voices... gives you the full "early ZOVIET FRANCE" feeling; great but expensive EP! clear vinyl & two colour postcards included 2013 €20.00
Moon and Cups Series # 2 7inch Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P.- 026 rare 7" (lim. 100 in total) on this label from Hongkong, again a kind of surrealistic ethno-sound on two tracks filled with subtle percussion, exotic flute-sounds, deranged "oriental" voices...mesmerizing & dreamlike, gives you the full "early ZOVIET FRANCE" feeling; great but expensive EP! Clear vinyl & two colour postcards included; SECOND PART in this series !! 2013 €22.00
Moons and Cups 7inch Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P. 025   2013 €19.50
Psi-Transient CD Aquarelllist aquarel 25-13 "A faint memory of once knowing and now forgotten. Elusive and dreamlike the ghosts return." [ROBIN STOREY] - rare new Russian Rapoon work, shimmering in many colours.. lim. 400 2013 €13.00
Seeds in the Tide Vol. 2 do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 057-2 collection of the rare & beautiful Vol.2 - tracks taken from compilations, small or limited formats & live materials: CD 1: 2000-2003, CD 2: Live at Klanggalerie in Vienna May 2000 (released as lim. MC before); nice double digipack 2013 €16.00
To West and Blue CD Zoharum ZOHAR 054-2 wonderful new album of "angelic ambience", the very spheric, droney, spacey, mysterious side of RAPOON, extremely contemplative & atmospheric... lim. 500 / vinyl-replica cover 2013 €13.00
Vernal Crossing Revisited do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 043-2 re-issue of RAPOONs third classic 'ethno-ambient' album from 1993, plus a new 2013-remake (for the 20th anniversary) of the same album as bonus => masterful rhythmic & tribalistic, with endless tabla-drummings, chants, echoes, oriental harmonies & drones, defining the typical hypnotic RAPOON sound... the re-make sounds more electronic and ambient-trancy, really different... 2013 €16.00
A long View across CD Aquarelist aquarel 26-14 "A long View across" is inspired by ancient stone rock carvings and the landscape in the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, England, and sounds especially ghostly and archaic.... standard ed. 400 copies 2014 €13.00
Cultural Forgeries CD Alrealon Musique alrn 058 rare Rapoon album with special concept - pure 'acoustic' sources were later effected with delay & reverb to form one long "live" take in 17 different parts => 'Trumpet, Bodhran, Banjo, Pungi, Shehnai, Indian flute, Chinese flute, Irish tin whistle, hand bells, cello, accordion, guitar, one string slide guitar, Ukelele, Kan (Tai bamboo harmonica), mouth harps, percussion', all played by ROBIN TOREY himself....lim. 300 and almost sold out at the label; US import !! 2014 €14.00
Fall of Drums CD Zoharum ZOHAR 078-2 new material in the "classic" middle-eastern RAPOON style with a really elevating hypnotic mood, based mainly on 'ethnic' percussion & vocal material immersed in hallucinogenic echo, delay & reverb effects... definitely one of our favourite new RAPOON albums of the past years !! 2014 €13.00
Psi-Transient (special ed.) do-CD Aquarelllist aquarel 25-13b collectors item - lim./numb. 100, comes with bonus CD feat. a previously unreleased live-recording (live in Los Angeles July 1996) in excellent quality ! Special /different cover 2014 €30.00
Seeds in the Tide Vol. 3 do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 088-2 collection of the rare & beautiful Vol.3 - tracks taken from compilations, small or limited formats & live materials: CD 1: 2003-2004, with the tracks from the ultra rare "Monomyth" CD-R, CD 2: Live at Rhiz in Vienna October 2004 (unreleased so far); nice digipack, lim. 500 2014 €16.00
The Fires of the Borderlands do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 067-2 one of the atmospheric masterpieces in the long RAPOON-discography, endless orchestral washes & waves of droning clouds (no beats ), at times magically haunting... fully re-mastered, this re-issue comes with a bonus disc of a live recording for the famous KFJC radio in Calfornia from July 1996 !! 2014 €16.00
Dark Zero do-LP & CD :retortae: elixir 11 "Enigmatic faces stare out from tableaux on walls and caves" - the rare special edition of this dark Russian RAPOON release: 2 x LP with elaborated cardboard cover & printer inner sleeves + CD of the same album and black plastic coverage with sticker... lim. 50 copies only !! LAST COPY! 2015 €42.00
Dark Zero do-LP :Retortae: elixier 11.1 "Enigmatic faces stare out from tableaux on walls and caves" - vinyl version of this rare & dark Russian RAPOON release: 2 x LP with elaborated cardboard cover & printer inner sleeves; lim. 150 copies only !! 2015 €33.00
Downgliding CD Carpe Sonum Novum NOVUM-III rare US release with 13 new tracks (57+ min.) lim. 300... "Just listening is sometimes the most important and rewarding thing you can do. In these recordings I tried to just listen. The sea ebbed and flowed." [ROBIN STOREY/RAPOON] 2015 €14.00
Seeds in the Tide Vol. 4 do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 109-2 collection of the rare & beautiful Vol.3 - tracks taken from compilations, small or limited formats & live materials: CD 1: 2003-2004, with the tracks from the ultra rare "Monomyth" CD-R, CD 2: Live at Rhiz in Vienna October 2004 (unreleased so far); nice digipack, lim. 500 2015 €16.00
Tin of Drum do-CD Aquarellist AQUAREL 29-15 "Only the deserts and the stars in the deserts remained unchanged" - re-issue of the Staalplaat CD from 1998 which manifests a more strange & alien RAPOON sound... now with a full bonus disc 'about the deserts' entitled "TIN REFLECTIONS IN METAL STARS" following the original story of inspiration for 'Tin of Drum' ... lim. 450 copies, 6 panel digipack 2015 €17.00
Blue Days CD Zoharum ZOHAR 110-2 RAPOON is productive as ever so this is already the fourth album with new studio material for the Polish label in 4 years: on 60 minutes 14 tracks spread with 'sketches and ideas' that form a wholeness together, relying on the typical sound ingredients (sampled choirs, percussion, exotic drones) but sounding here much more melancholic, slow, and less floating and shimmering, and we also hear Mr. STOREY singing... a winter album that slowly enfolds... lim. 500 oversized gatefold-cover 2016 €13.00
Song from the End of the World CD Glacial Movements Records GM024 second RAPOON album on Glacial Movements, dealing with the arising of a possible mega-virus on earth due to the melting of the Siberian permafrost...highly melancholic ether-piano tunes, arising echo effects, discomforting loops, strange vocal material... 9 tracks that show the darker side of RAPOON, in a very successful way 2016 €14.00
The Kirghiz Light 3 x CD Zoharum ZOHAR 122-2 re-issue of this classic RAPOON beauty from 1995, a very meditative double album with angel-like choirs... now with bonus CD "Our calling Light" remixed from the original 4-track material ! Edition of 500 copies 2016 €19.00
Wanderlust CD Winter-Light WIN 005 10 appealing tracks feat. Russian folk singer TATYANA STEPCHENKO who was already present on "The Library of the Dead" => enchanting loops, drones, beats and vocal echo-rooms.. ".. the endless yearning, the search for questions and for answers, the horizon ever drawing onward with the lure of what lies beyond. The pull of the mountains and the deserts and the infinitive light of the stars, shining from the distant past. We travel.." 70 min. playtime, 400 copies digipack 2016 €13.00
My Life as a Ghost do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 141-2 re-issue of this favoured album from 2004 (Klanggalerie), plus bonus-track and full NEW CD with remixes & re-arrangements of the original demos, plus new material; "This is one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting Robin Storey album, from the first decade of 2000s." lim. 500 2017 €15.00
Rhiz CD Zoharum ZOHAR 142-2 re-issue of this very rhythmic, unusual album from 2002 (Klanggalerie), using also female voice material in the typical RAPOONian way.. lim. 500 2017 €12.00
Sanctus Equinox CD Winter-Light WIN 012 the first part of a new trilogy for Winter-Light, entitled "The Mercury Rising Trilogy", based on the Science Fiction idea of 'left alone replicants' on an abandoned planet: "Processed vocals, atmospheric pads, sub bass patterns, strings and old school sci-fi sounds all exquisitely layered to produce an album of intense beauty. The feel is one of ceremonial celebration and ritualistic joy. A ray of shining hope in the lives of a forgotten people." lim. 300 2017 €13.00
Un Flic CD Klanggalerie gg234 RAPOON on strange new roads again: "Un Flic" is a homage to the French Cinema of the "Nouvelle Vague", using ghostly percussion, lots of choral and vocal material (we hear the voice of VIRGINIE BOYER, the wife of DENIS BOYER from the legendary magazine FEAR DROP!) plus synths and other unusual instrumental sources, for the first time real drums are used... 2017 €14.50