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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
And then CD ICR 31   2000 €14.00
It was like this... do-CDR ICR Distribution ICR62 live recordings -collection 2006 €19.50
The sights of the drowned fable CD-R Integrated Circuit Records ICR 67 recorded at the Resonater Festival St. Peters, Preston, July 2007 2007 €12.00
Two Nights LP Deep Distance DD10 re-issue of very old / rare MC from 1981 (ICR 004) , using synths, a sequencer, drum machine & effects plus guitar, spontaneous recording; lim. 500, vinyls are "half red/green" coloured !! 2013 €16.00
Rank Sonata LP Hallow Ground HG1505 four brandnew recordings by the NWW producer & live-member and man behind the excellent ICR-label, incl. a side-long A-side track which combines organic ambience and 'archaic' technoid rhythms in a great way.. lim. 300 2015 €19.50