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POTTER, COLIN - The sights of the drowned fable

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Integrated Circuit Records ICR 67
Release Year: 2007
Note: recorded at the Resonater Festival St. Peters, Preston, July 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Jessas! Ungewhnlich noisig-rhythmische Klnge am Anfang dieses Mitschnitts (eines Konzertes vom July 2007 in Preston UK), dessen Klangstrom dann immer droniger & geisterhafter wird, wo tiefergestellte Stimmen durch den ther zischeln, Frequenzmodulationen aus dem Nichts erscheinen, meditative Gongs auftauchen auf und field recordings von Regen & Donner....

"The first couple of minutes of this live recording seemed to have been designed to get the blood boiling and the heart pumping. Colin Potter (the technical foil to Steve Stapleton's macabre psychedelia in Nurse With Wound) opens with an agitated set of electro-bleep rhythms which double upon each other into a squiggling dervish. After these few minutes though, the sidereal ambience and barren dronescapes which Potter has brought to the recent NWW productions slip into focus. Ghostly fragments of echo and reverberation glide around chiming drones from harmonium, gongs, field recordings, and bowed strings, all displaying Potter's polychromatic, oil-slick production which has such a peculiar, funhouse warble modulating each and every sound, ever so slightly. Some 15 minutes into the piece, there are a series of metallic bangs and ominous metallic clicks, puncturing a bed of low-end frequencies. One of these repeating bangs is quite similar to the ones used on John Duncan's River In Flames. Along with the signposts of Duncan and the NWW Shipwrecked Radio series, Potter's live set from the 2007 Resonator Festival in Preston, England also resembles the late period Zoviet France albums InVersion and Digilogue. Limited to just 100 copies, and certainly will not last for very long!" [Aquarius]