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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Osci LP Small Voices SVV006 ed. of 320 copies, debut-album! 2006 €14.00
Find Electronica CD A Silent Place ASP21   2007 €10.00
Picture myself in a cloud (speaking through thought) CD-R Ruralfaune rur046 nice full-colour design / lim. 83 copies ! 2008 €8.00
Random Shades of Day 3 x CD Privileged To Fail Records FAIL 12 two CDs with unreleased & out of print material from the past incl. his very first EP "I'm Here", plus brandnew material on disc 3 entitled "Random Shades of Day"; lim. 500 in triple digipack 2010 €16.00
The new Year is over 3 x CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme1255 stunning new epic work between cosmic synth-ambience & more powerful hypnotic psychedelism, using guitars, etc... 9 long tracks, among his best material yet! Lim. 300 oversized covers 2012 €18.00
Von Zeit zu Zeit LP Backwards BW01 two long new pieces by the well established Italian "cosmic & electronic ambience" composer; 2nd ed. on orange vinyl, lim. 102 copies only! 2012 €18.50
Wannsee LP Ricerca Sonora RS3 single-sided LP with a side-long field recording piece made at the Berlin-based lake 'Wannsee' - a very droney, slow & nostalgic daydream.. lim. 200 with colour inlay 2012 €15.00
Endless Autumn CD Backwards BWCD01 warm guitar ambience for melancholic seasonal atmospheres, shimmering drones & delicate loops find their way through the silence, with field recordings from Puglia (Italy) and Berlin being integrated gently in the mix... everything's so suspended and mellow... reminding of FENNESZ, AIDAN BAKER, STARS OF THE LID or ULTRA MILKMAIDS, this is one of FABIO ORSI's most impressive & beautiful albums so far we think 2013 €12.00
Memory of a safe Place / La Forest a non fa pura LP + mag Silentes / 13 issue#1 this new series from the Italian ambient label combines acoustic & visual art: a lim. LP + large A4 booklet (16 pages) with b/w photographs of the same artist; FABIO ORSI starts the series with time-suspending dense transcension drones & beautiful forest pictures; lim. 250 copies, white vinyl 2013 €18.00
Qui Vicino CD & booklet 13 (3) - sps 1404 the Italian master of subtle "intimate daydream ambience" encharms with a melancholic 33 min. piece based on a most sublime & harmonic evolving guitar drone, soft as a summer breeze and going round in slow circles...think of: ULTRA MILKMAIDS, early AIDAN BAKER, STARS OF THE LID, TROUM.... comes with 16 page A4 booklet with b/w pictures taken by ORSI himself, showing the lonely moments of daily life....lim. 250 2014 €15.00
Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore BOX-set Backwards BW18 a big collectable box dedicated to the photographic work of the Berlin-based FABIO ORSI: this holds a 220 pages hardcover book with b/w photos, all made in Berlin it seems, catching the poetry and sometimes absurdity of daily situations (the aesthetic reminds a bit on "Wings of Desire / Himmel ber Berlin" by WIM WENDERS), plus a one-sided pic LP with a great, subtle harmonic guitar ambient piece, + insert + postcards; lim. 260 copies 2017 €55.00