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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Escape to Bela-Zoar (based on Genesis chapter 19, verses 15-23) CD L.White Records LW-040 lim. 500 DVD-box 2006 €13.50
Regel CD Finalmuzik FM08 re-issue of LP from 1982, plus bonus-track (from the "Neuengamme"-comp LP) 2007 €13.00
Inexistence CD Cold Current Production C.C.CD/009 filed under: static deep drone - this material is more similar to his older "industrial" style; BACK IN STOCK last copies 2009 €12.00
Endometrio LP DAIS Records 013 first ever vinyl re-issue of album from 1983! Numbered. ed. 500 2010 €19.00
Mectpyo - Blut do-LP Marquis Records MART.006 re-issue of very first (private) M.B. MC release from 1980; comes in stunning gatefold cover, lim. 300 red vinyl; 4 long tracks 2010 €37.50
Hibernum CD EE Tapes EE22 new material (three long tracks) recorded 1955/1977 ("Primaveram/Aestatem"), 1978/1999 ("Autumnum"), and 2000/2022 ("Hibernum") - there's no doubt, M.B. lives in a different space & time continuum; alien low fi drones at its best! lim. 300 2011 €13.00
The Plain Truth CD Officina Fonografica Italiana OFI007 CD re-issue of the famous BROKEN FLAG LP from 1983, two long pieces based on floating low-fi synths, short tape delays and weird disharmonic noises in the underground, the label says" to fans of Tangerine Dream, Thomas K÷ner, Klaus Schulze, Lull, Cranioclast" which shows already the wide range of MB's influence for everything that has followed after in the post industrial /ambient drone scene.... special priced now! 2013 €10.00
Weltanschauung LP Rotorelief ROTOR0037-C material from 1981 recorded for COME Org. and released as LEIBSTANDARTE SS MM in 1982 (one of the most requested M.B. albums ever), now with one replaced different track, re-mastered by CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME)....brown vinyl edition, lim. 333, luxurious cover 2013 €23.00
Neuro Habitat LP Rotorelief ROTOR0041-C re-issue of this impressive M.B. LP from 1982 with its rasping, mechanical sounding rough drone noises... the unholy connection between human neuro-signals and electronic devices? lim. 200, purple 180 gr. vinyl 2014 €23.00
Noise-O-Rama CD FinalMuzik FME6 first ever release of an early 80's M.B. private tape - 9 tracks of soughing low-fi analog synth noises with strange effect.. lim. 200 only !! 2015 €13.00
Aktivitńt LP ROTOR 054CLR-LP   2016 €30.00