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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Escape to Bela-Zoar (based on Genesis chapter 19, verses 15-23) CD L.White Records LW-040 lim. 500 DVD-box 2006 €13.50
Regel CD Finalmuzik FM08 re-issue of LP from 1982, plus bonus-track (from the "Neuengamme"-comp LP) 2007 €13.00
Inexistence CD Cold Current Production C.C.CD/009 filed under: static deep drone - this material is more similar to his older "industrial" style; BACK IN STOCK last copies 2009 €12.00
Endometrio LP DAIS Records 013 first ever vinyl re-issue of album from 1983! Numbered. ed. 500 2010 €19.00
Mectpyo - Blut do-LP Marquis Records MART.006 re-issue of very first (private) M.B. MC release from 1980; comes in stunning gatefold cover, lim. 300 red vinyl; 4 long tracks 2010 €37.50
Hibernum CD EE Tapes EE22 new material (three long tracks) recorded 1955/1977 ("Primaveram/Aestatem"), 1978/1999 ("Autumnum"), and 2000/2022 ("Hibernum") - there's no doubt, M.B. lives in a different space & time continuum; alien low fi drones at its best! lim. 300 2011 €13.00
The Plain Truth CD Officina Fonografica Italiana OFI007 CD re-issue of the famous BROKEN FLAG LP from 1983, two long pieces based on floating low-fi synths, short tape delays and weird disharmonic noises in the underground, the label says" to fans of Tangerine Dream, Thomas K÷ner, Klaus Schulze, Lull, Cranioclast" which shows already the wide range of MB's influence for everything that has followed after in the post industrial /ambient drone scene.... special priced now! 2013 €10.00
Weltanschauung LP Rotorelief ROTOR0037-C material from 1981 recorded for COME Org. and released as LEIBSTANDARTE SS MM in 1982 (one of the most requested M.B. albums ever), now with one replaced different track, re-mastered by CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME)....brown vinyl edition, lim. 333, luxurious cover 2013 €23.00
Neuro Habitat LP Rotorelief ROTOR0041-C re-issue of this impressive M.B. LP from 1982 with its rasping, mechanical sounding rough drone noises... the unholy connection between human neuro-signals and electronic devices? lim. 200, purple 180 gr. vinyl 2014 €23.00
NH/HN CD 4iB Records 4iB CD/0114/017 official re-issue of this ultra rare "private" cassette-only release from 1980, re-mastered by PHARMAKUSTIK; two long titles: "Neotenia Hysteron" and "Honoris Nomea", lim. 200; "After 35 years, this original NH/HN release is once again seeing the light of day and is presented in its true form of abstract sound collages comprising synthesizers, tape loops and noise samples" 2015 €13.00
Noise-O-Rama CD FinalMuzik FME6 first ever release of an early 80's M.B. private tape - 9 tracks of soughing low-fi analog synth noises with strange effect.. lim. 200 only !! 2015 €13.00
Symphony for a Genocide LP Rotorelief ROTOR0044 re-issue of the one of the most famous "industrial" albums of the musical history (original released by Sterile Rec. in 1981): 'The past punishment is the inevitable blindness of the present' ; lim. 500 on battle green & black vinyl 2015 €23.00
Aktivitat LP Rotorelief ROTOR0054 re-issue of an old cassette release from 1983 (by Tegal Records, the label that was run by SCHLOSS TEGAL) => 4 re-mastered tracks with raw distorted beatbox sounds, shrunken harmonies, voices and blistering analogue electronic effects, sounds really different than any other M.B. work! "Neuronal radioactivity, supported by ancestral sounds that emanate from atomic testing flows that absorb a loss of fallen energy." lim. 500 copies in total, black vinyl 2016 €21.00
Aktivitńt LP ROTOR 054CLR-LP   2016 €30.00