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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: EE Tapes EE22
Release Year: 2011
Note: new material (three long tracks) recorded 1955/1977 ("Primaveram/Aestatem"), 1978/1999 ("Autumnum"), and 2000/2022 ("Hibernum") - there's no doubt, M.B. lives in a different space & time continuum; alien low fi drones at its best! lim. 300
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"Exclusive work by Italian noise legend Maurizio Bianchi.
A marginal division of the whole existence in four palpable seasons, marked by pestilential changes in emotional hemisphere.
At the end, the hibernating organisms organize a reproducing molecule of environmental for a silent "hybernum".
Hibernum contains 3 lengthy, slowly shifting atmospheres for private meditation.
Mastered by Siegmar Fricke for Pharmakustik
Photography by Gerald Wack
Design by Jan Van den Broeke." [label info]


"Odd. That is, in one word, the career of Maurizio Bianchi. Its perhaps about time someone did a book on him, or a decent website. Apparently he is now for the second time in hibernation, releasing no longer new music, but sometimes I wonder to what extend he actually did release new music in the past years? The information on the covers is not always very clear either. Take this 'Hibernum'. It says: "devised and decodified between the years 1995-2022" on the outside, which seems a bit strange to me already, but on the insert we read 'frozen granularity treatments and mastering by Siegmar Fricke 2011'. Now the name Fricke popped up on a lot of the second coming releases of Bianchi, and its never really clear what his involvement is. Just mastering or is it also additional composing, or perhaps even more? Maybe that's why a book would be a great idea to clarify all of that. On 'Hibernum' we find three long tracks of chilling electronics, of which the first is 'Primaveram/Aestatem' quite a drone piece, and much of the second one also, but it ends in quite a chilling highly processed rumble of metallic sounds (the 'granularity treatments' I wondered, and for much of the music anyway I was thinking to what extends computers play an important role for Maurizio Bianchi in his second life?). The title piece sounds like a mass of humming frogs, which are slowly being eaten by a giant killer machine - more drone like again, a bit static, and like the first a bit over-long, before moving into a different cold field of electronics - as cold is indeed the keyword for not just this release, but for pretty much a lot of the music composed by Bianchi in the last thirty years, with or without the help of who-ever. Throughout 'Hibernum' was a bit long I thought but nevertheless one of his better works of recent years - actually like so many!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]