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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Messe aux Oiseaux CD INA GRM INA C 2016   2000 €14.00
Eloge de La Betise ou les Peripeties des Ubu CD INA GRM INA C 1021 Very extreme stuff from LEJEUNE, kind of theatre-plays & weird fairy-tales stories with noises, classic & jazzy impro-elements & lots of vocal material that sounds like a bizarre Opera. comes with 32p. booklet en Francais / English 2004 €14.00
Early Works 1969-1970 LP Robot Records ROBOT 043LP three of the earliest compositions by the influential French musique concrete composer, one piece is previously unpublished on vinyl: "D'une Multitude En Fete" (1969), "Geodes" (1970, concert version), and the incredible "Petite Suite" collage reminding on the weirder NURSE WITH WOUND pieces (1970)! [all of this material has NOT been included on the recent 'Parages and other Electroacoustic Works' 3 CD] 2015 €26.50