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LEJEUNE, JACQUES - Early Works 1969-1970

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Robot Records ROBOT 043LP
Release Year: 2015
Note: three of the earliest compositions by the influential French musique concrete composer, one piece is previously unpublished on vinyl: "D'une Multitude En Fete" (1969), "Geodes" (1970, concert version), and the incredible "Petite Suite" collage reminding on the weirder NURSE WITH WOUND pieces (1970)! [all of this material has NOT been included on the recent 'Parages and other Electroacoustic Works' 3 CD]
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"This LP of early compositions by Jacques Lejeune features three seminal works: D'une Multitude En Fte and Petite Suite, originally released on the Perspective Musicales series in 1970, and a previously unpublished composition, Godes, from the same period. These three pieces (not included in the recent Parages and other electroacoustic works 3CD set) are some of Lejeune's earliest music for tape and may be considered a "prequel" to his later, more thematic works. Still, his concise musical narrative is ever-present in these first recordings. The sidelong D'une Multitude En Fte (1969) refers to multitude, number, celebration and any crowd situation as a form of ceremony all evoking a circular gaze, as topics of the different aural events and their anecdotal development emerge, leading to the dream, as a story we tell to ourselves. Godes (1970) features percussion improvisations by Laurat Dionne with Jacques' tapework inflecting prisms deep into its thundering, rhythmic core. This concert version appears on vinyl for the first time. Concluding the album is Petite Suite (1970), with each section referencing a traditional musical form using both anecdotal as well as instrumental flourishes. The original drum and guitar elements performed here by Michel Foudrinoy and Jean-Pierre Vassout. These pieces have been compared to Pierre Henry's bold rock themes in Messe Pour Le Temps Present and also recall the peculiar atmospheres of some of the great, early Nurse With Wound records that would follow. In contrast, Lejeune's early approach was heavily steeped in sonic narratives, combining unusual and ambiguous events to create a sound world uniquely his own. Early Works 1969-1970 explores the first precision splices by one of the true visionaries in musique concrte." [label info]