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RAPOON - Alien Glyph Morphology

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Caciocavallo CAD30
Release Year: 2007
Note: ed. of 400 in special handmade tiger-print folder with banderole. Contains extended versions of the vinyl-edition & a previously unavailable song
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"Making music almost always begins with playing an instrument or taking a sound that is already recorded and manipulating it until it suggests a space or a place or a landscape. Once there is the space created to work in it is a matter of populating that space with other sounds and elements. If they sound foreign and conflicting then there sometimes evolves a natural resolution and a balance between the different facets. A lot of the creative process is intuitive and spontaneous. The same can be said of painting. Filmmaking is a bit more deliberated but still has leaps of spontaneity involved. Usually these make the whole thing suddenly come to life. Robin Storey (Rapoon)********************* Starting in 2005 with a DVD that came with 20 large Tarot-style postcards, and continuing in 2006 with a double 10 inch LP presented in an elaborately decorated wooden cover, Rapoon returns with the final chapter of his Alien Glyph Morpholgy tryptich, a limited edition CD presented in a hand-made tiger-print folder. As with nearly every Soleilmoon release, this CD is a collectable art object, and indeed, like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. Compared with the vinyl edition, two tracks are extended in length, and a previously unavailable song, Condensed Nightmares has been added as a bonus track. ********************* These days nearly all compositions are subconsciously referenced to the length of the average CD, but the vinyl version of Alien Glyph Morphology has been edited with the time frame of a vinyl record in mind. Play it on a record deck and it will sound different because of the nature of the medium. When I heard again the sounds coming from the old record deck and the vinyl out in the garage, I immediately started making samples to manipulate and incorporate in future compositions. The sound of vinyl is inspiring. Robin Storey ********************* Robin Storey is well known in ambient music circles for his extensive catalog of recordings, presently exceeding 40 albums, singles and collaborative projects released over the last 13 years. ********************* Aliens, ancient glyphs, UFOs, mans search for meaning in a world where there is none, just one aspect of the human condition. I hope my work is about being human with all its faults, frailties, hopes, dreams, disasters, loves, hates and complexities. There are no answers, just more questions. Robin Storey " [label info]

"I bought my very first Soleilmoon-release in the legendary L.A.-record store Aron's Records back in 1997. It was the amazing "Digilogue"-album by British Industrial-frontiers Zoviet France. It was a set of dark minimalist textures based on multiple layers of loops and cut-up techniques - very fascinating indeed! That Zoviet France had much focus on looped sound processing as musical expression isn't strange since co-founder of Zoviet France, Robin Storey was highly influenced by a godfather of sound exploration, Karl-Heinz Stockhausen. Also in Rapoon, the solo project of Robin Storey, the art of loop-techniques shines clearly through. Rapoon beautifully balances between complex sound techniques and ethereal soundscapes. This latest effort is the third and final chapter of the trilogy titled "Alien Glyph Morphology". The first chapter was a DVD, while the following was a 10" vinyl double album. The artwork of this third chapter is a pure beauty with its handmade tiger-patterned print folder. On the sonic side, the album sings its very own melody of beauty despite its experimental and once in a while quite demanding nature. The grounding layers of looped sounds create an excellent feeling of hypnosis while the upfront layers of moody soundscapes in combination with concrete sounds of acoustic instruments keep a melodic pace on the album sometimes not too far away from ambient composer Steve Roach. Thus 25 years after his debut with Zoviet France, Robin Storey demonstrates that he still knows how to keep the right balance between art and melody." [NM / Vital Weekly]