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RAPOON - Raising Earthly Spirits

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Soleilmoon SOL 65
Release Year: 1999
Note: re-issue of the 2nd legendary RAPOON album, released 1993; masterpiece of ethno/trance post industrial
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Das zweite legendre Album von 1993, damals die erste RAPOON CD fr Staalplaat, in einer Wiederverffentlichung von 1999. Ein Meilenstein des ethno-trance-post-industrials !

As Rapoon, ex-:zoviet*france: member Robin Storey specializes in experimental atmospheres and post-industrial sound rendered with gripping effectiveness. Unlike his former compatriots Storey's hypnotic mantras aren't drawn from esoteric sound sources. It's obvious that he makes extensive use of sampling, tape manipulation and looping, but the music of Rapoon is more structured, less chaotic, even tribal, in the way archaic cultures used repetition and 'minimalism' to broach their message to deities unknown. The spirits Rapoon conjure either rise from the primordial ooze breathing fire (as suggested by the noisier electro-acoustic swirls of "Alchiva" and "Djang") or poise themselves on the abyssal edge, waiting patiently for obeisance ("Ochre" and the ritualistic, ricocheting electronic percussives of "Snake Belly"). [i/e magazine]