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PARMEGIANI, BERNARD - La Creation du Monde

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: INA GRM Ina C 1002
Release Year: 1996
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"Eindrucksvolles Werk des 1927 geborenen Komponisten, entstanden 1982-1984, "Das Flchtige, das Vergngliche, die Bewegungen der Luft, die Transparenz oder Dichte des Raums in welchem er seine Tiefen aufschichtet, das Repetitive und der 'Spiegeleffekt' sind die Elemente, deren er sich fr seine Notion der Metamorphose bedient, in welcher ein grosser Teil seiner Werke fundiert." Klnge erschaffen Formen und umgekehrt." [Drone Rec.]

"INA GRM is a recording studio and label founded by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958 that has been central in the development, documentation and support of electronic/musique concrete/electroacoustic/acousmatic music ever since. Their LP series in the 70s was a true statement of artistry, and now they are heavily involved in issuing CDs of old & new classics. It is with great pleasure that we can offer this label for distribution; they've had a number of confusing relations with past distributors and the CDs have always been somewhat painful to obtain. This is a list of all CDs currently in print. If you're new to this field, check out Francois Bayle, Bernard Parmegiani or the Pierre Schaeffer box first, but just about every title has it's merits. All the CDs have fairly extensive liner notes, with French and English translations. On this first CD Parmegiani tries to acousmatically recreate "The Creation Of the World" -- starting with the Black Light of the pre-"Big Bang": "The absence of tonality that characterizes a good deal of sound material in 'Black Light' is due to the use of 'white' noises, that is to say sounds whose mass theoretically contains all the frequencies that can be accumulated statistically..." And then leading on to "The Metamorphosis Of the Void" & "The Sign Of Life." And so on. Parmegiani is one of our favorite of the French electroacoustic composers, his attention to sonic detail always a marvel to witness; recordings are few and far between. "What [Parmegiani's] compositions have in common is a strong emphasis on sounds produced by matter and sounds recorded from nature which he uses as a model. The concept of metamorphism which characterizes many of Parmegiani's works is expressed in his use of such elements as the ephemeral, the fleeting, the motions of air, the transparency or non-transparency of the space in which he arrays different levels of depth, the repetitive, the 'mirror effect'."
[Forced Exposure]