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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
La Creation du Monde CD INA GRM Ina C 1002   1996 €15.00
Violostries do-CD INA GRM INA C 1012-13   2003 €24.00
Matieres Premieres do-CD INA-GRM INA_G 6048/49 rare material by the French composer (1927-2013) who belongs to the 'second wave' of musique concrete & electro-acoustic composers coming from the GRM, originally he worked first as a sound engineer for French TV in the early 50's... on CD 1, three so far unreleased pieces: "L'echo du Miroir" (1980-2008), "Adagio" (1980), "Un arbre... c'etait le mien!" (1987), on CD 2 a full disc of sketches and preparatory works for future compositions (30 indexes on CD 2!) 2017 €24.50