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OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Primordial / Lift

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Deep Listening Publications DL 33-2006/IEA 9
Release Year: 2006
Note: re-release of table of the elements-CD from 1998. 70 min. one tracker with TONY CONRAD, DAVID GRUBBS, ANDREW DEUTSCH !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Wiederveröffentlichung der vergriffenen TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS-CD; eine live-Aufnahme eines Konzerts vom März 1998 mit TONY CONRAD, DAVID GRUBBS und ANDREW DEUTSCH (u.a.), welches die langjährige Entwicklung der Erdresonanzen-Frequenzen nachbildet – der Oszillator, der diese für das menschliche Gehör nicht-hörbaren Frequenzen aussendet, moduliert die Klänge der Performer...
herausgekommen ist dabei ein 70 minütiger „experimental drone“ one-tracker, sehr vital & tänzelnd bewegt sich der Soundfokus zwischen den verschiedenen eingesetzten Instrumenten wie Harmonium, Violione, Akkordeon... Mastering: STEPHEN VITIELLO.

A fabulous new work of the grand dame of electronic minimalism, creating full-scale floating drones that change and shift all the time, with the help of TONY CONRAD [violin], DAVID GRUBBS [harmonium] and others. Contains more aggressive and disharmonic elements than usually expected..

“Originally released on the Table of the Elements label and long out of print, this version of the recording contains an additional 30 minutes of material not included on the original release. Recorded live on March 20, 1998 at Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY. Primordial/Lift is based on information concerning the shift in the resonant frequency of the earth from 7.8hz to 13hz given in Awakening to the Zero Point by Gregg Braden, Radio Bookstore Press (1997). According to Braden, the resonant frequency of the earth was measured as 7.8hz in 1960 and by 1994 the measurement was at 8.6hz and it will rise to 13hz by 2010. At the same time the magnetic fields of the earth are diminishing in strength towards zero point. By the time that 13hz is established as the resonant frequency the magnetic fields will reverse their polarity - North will become South and vice versa. The acceleration from 7.8hz to 13hz of the earth's resonant frequency is represented in Primordial/Lift by a low frequency oscillator." Pauline Oliveros - accordian & electronics, voice; Andrew Deutsch - electronics & toy piano; Tony Conrad - electric violin & ring modulator; Anne Bourne - cello & voice; Alexandria Gelencser - electric cello; David Grubbs - harmonium; Scott Olson - low frequency oscillator.” [label info]