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Crone Music CD Lovely Music LCD 1903 Experimental accordeon-music! This is a version of a theatre-music work for Shakespearĺs King Lear, everything played on P. OLIVEROS accordeon which is linked with 4 digital processors 1990 €14.00
Alien Bog / Beautiful Soop CD Pogus Prod. P21012-2 two pieces from 1966 / 1967 1997 €13.00
Electronic Works CD Paradigm PD04 the very early sound-experiments by the legendary sound-artist & feminist! "I of IV" (1966), "Big mother is watching you" (1966), "Bye Bye Butterfly" (1965) 1997 €13.00
No Mo CD Pogus Prod. P21023-2   2001 €13.00
Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966 CD Sub Rosa SR185 finally available again, her early tape-machine experiments, including her very first piece from 1959 ! 2002 €13.00
Lion's Eye for Gamelan CD Deep Listening Institute DL 28 two pieces from 1985 (performed by the Berkeley Gamelan Ensemble) and 1989 2006 €13.00
Primordial / Lift CD Deep Listening Publications DL 33-2006/IEA 9 re-release of table of the elements-CD from 1998. 70 min. one tracker with TONY CONRAD, DAVID GRUBBS, ANDREW DEUTSCH ! 2006 €14.00
The Roots of the Moment CD HAT HUT Records hatOLOGY 591 recordings from 1987, six tracks 2006 €13.00
Accordion & Voice CD Important Records IMPREC140 re-release of OLIVEROS first solo-LP from 1982 (Lovely Music) with two side-long solo Accordion pieces; "I wanted to hear the subtlety of a tone taking space and time to develop. The tones linger and resonate in the body, mind, instrument and performance space" now re-pressed! 2014 €15.50
Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970 12 x CD-BOX Important Records IMPREC352 big jubilee box to PAULINE OLIVEROS 80th birthday - a retrospective collection of her early & mainly unreleased electronic works, including her very first tape piece from 1959; comes with extensive liner-notes in solid cardboard box; finally re-pressed now through Kickstarter fundraising action and probably only few copies around for free sale !!! 2014 €86.00
The Wanderer CD Important Records IMPREC141 re-release of OLIVEROS second solo-LP from 1984 (Lovely Music) feat. THE SPRINGFIELD ACCORDION ORCHESTRA on the title track (with 20 accordions, two bass accordions, + five percussionists!) and one her most famous piece 'Horse sings from Cloud' on Side B; now re-pressed ! 2014 €15.50
Four Meditations / Sound Geometries LP Sub Rosa SRV422 two of the more complex and experimental orchestra works by PAULINE OLIVEROS (who sadly died in Nov. 2016), one recorded live at the 'Ars Musica' Festival in Brussels in March 2003, the other a day earlier in a studio: improvised drone-minimalistic pieces that follow special instructions (i.e. the picked-up sounds are processed in geometrical patterns by the 'Expanded Instrument System'), or accompanied by the vocalisations of singer IONE... 2016 €17.00