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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Geometrik GR-003
Release Year: 2004
Note: re-release of the (very first!) LOPEZ-CD from 1993, a lonely deepsea dronescape and trip into the unknown inspired by the organisms of abyssal underwater zones, using original material from ILLUSION OF SAFETY, DAVID MYERS, JOHN HUDAK, M. GENDREAU, ZAN HOFFMAN and others from the 90's network of that time.. a true masterpiece, back in stock !!
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Re-Release dieser grossartigen frhen Verffentlichung von 1993, in der Tat die allererste CD von LOPEZ, die im Bearbeiten von basic material diverser Kollaborateure bestand. LOPEZ, selbst Meeresbiologie, frnt hier seiner Leidenschaft fr die Welt der Tiefseeorganismen - eine fremde, einsame, faszinierende Drone-Soundlandschaft.

Available now the re-release of the first Francisco Lpez CD, Azoic Zone, published also by Geometrik 10 years ago and out of stock for several years. A work with the collaboration of many musicians from the 90s electronic network like David Myers, Illusion of Safety, Scot Konzelmann, John Hudak, Michael Gendreau, John Wiggings, Richard Franecki, Minoy Steve Peters, and Zan Hoffman.
Azoic Zone is a sonic experience inspired by the organisms of abyssal zones. A journey to an unknown world where the physical phenomena and the developoment of life processes follow aberrant guidelines of a crushing beauty. The profundity, the cold, the isolation of these underwater depths are reflected in a starling way in Azoic Zone, a work on life and death beyond the know world. Azoic Zone is for most of the first Lopez followers one of his best works, where elements of his personal style can be found, even if in Azoic Zone we can also find certain traces of the post industrial music. Those who have known this artist from Madrid in the last years have now the opportunity of obtaining this basic work in his discography. [press release]